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  1. Get rid of URL suggestions

    You didn't follow the instructions. It's not about the address bar dropdown, it's the search site results. left is normal session, right is a private session. Note the UK wikipedia link is blue in both. After visiting the UK wikipedia page in the private session (right), it shows up as visited in the normal session (left). This is using v5.3.8.700
  2. Get rid of URL suggestions

    This is normal. Means you can access previously used sites in private mode. I can't get anything typed into the address bar in private mode to show in normal. BUT!! What i have noticed is that Private mode saves cookies of site visits! Visit any wikipedia page in private mode, it won't show up in the history files as expected. Then do a search (google/bing etc) for that page. You'll see in the search results that the link to that page is highlighted as visited! Doesn't happen with Edge Dev, so will assume also any chrome clone.
  3. Get rid of URL suggestions

    Note the date of the original post!
  4. I suppose that's ok, but the issue was actually found in probably should have mentioned that ... ooops.
  5. I'm pretty sure this shouldn't be happening, or at least not available for anyone to find. Plain text MX_LOG_XX.log files in windows' temp folder. Sample attached with URLs obfuscated. MX_LOG_11.log
  6. netflix not working again

    True, but that's where you need to make the decision - do you want a browser that does the basics well with some foibles around the extra features? Or one that has issues with popular websites, but having better extra features. Only the user and their usage scenario can make that call. Vivaldi still has a lot of things that bug me, (eg. no new tab from enter on address bar, no media controls on popup videos, having to use an extension button to popout videos instead of the floatbar, super drag/drop isn't quite as good), BUT it's always up to date, UI that is as customisable as MX if not more, more extensions, chrome://flags is available, and more that i can't think of right now. About ~21mb, and it's returned to the system after the video is popped out. - RE: screen capture: it is basic, but i find myself going into a dedicated image editor 90% of the time even using MXsnap. One thing that it does do well is being able to automatically select windows/sections of apps, which i would miss. But i still have MX running till i import passwords etc. so still use Snap on occasion. Notes: haven't used it since SkyNote. Most things i put into sticky notes or OneNote these days. I feel that Vivaldi (~v2.3) has finally become what MX wanted to be. Sure MX does a few things better, but most unique MX features are in other browsers now and they do it almost as good, or do other things better to make the benefit a net loss, or even at best.
  7. netflix not working again

    Netflix/Facebook/Twitter/Spotify/youtube etc should work first go everytime. This is the internet for a majority of users. You stuff up that experience and you're already giving the user a reason to jump to another browser. Vivaldi.
  8. Maxthon vs. Fullscreen apps

    Yep it does make you cry doesn't it... Seems it's not fixed, the issue is back although doesn't seem to be as repeatable as it used to be. Might have been a one off or something. Given the number of posts of issues of the most recent beta, it seems the core upgrade has caused a lot of issues. Being a user who used to use MX everyday as my only browser, i've now gone to Vivaldi, using MX for various things like logins that i haven't moved over yet. But this bug could well be the one that pushes me right off the edge. It's just too annoying having to close the browser just to make something else work properly, even though that program isn't even at fault.
  9. Maxthon vs. Fullscreen apps

    Seems to be fixed in
  10. Maxthon vs. Fullscreen apps

    Not sure what the video will show, but anyways... 7sec Kodi.exe is started using a keyboard combination Video is selected and starts to play on 2nd screen (not shown) 21sec Maxthon.exe restores from being minimised to a window and steals focus NOTHING is pressed or done between 7sec > 21sec If Maxthon.exe isn't running Kodi.exe keeps focus as it should. From the focus detection program shown in the video: 41608:C:\Users\me\Desktop\focus\focus.exe | Mon Dec 17 22:30:14 2018 << FOCUS.exe started 6412:C:\Windows\explorer.exe | Mon Dec 17 22:30:16 2018 54016:C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\kodi.exe | Mon Dec 17 22:30:32 2018 << KODI.exe started No foreground application | Mon Dec 17 22:30:46 2018 1920:C:\Maxthon5\Bin\Maxthon.exe | Mon Dec 17 22:30:47 2018 << MAXTHON.exe steals focus!!! 18592:C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\WebLaunchRecorder\Screen Recorder Launcher.exe | Mon Dec 17 22:31:09 2018 1920:C:\Maxthon5\Bin\Maxthon.exe | Mon Dec 17 22:31:12 2018 18592:C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\WebLaunchRecorder\Screen Recorder Launcher.exe | Mon Dec 17 22:31:12 2018 41608:C:\Users\me\Desktop\focus\focus.exe | Mon Dec 17 22:31:48 2018 Recording #1.mp4
  11. Maxthon vs. Fullscreen apps

    been having this issue as well of late. Very annoying!
  12. buttons need to be moved right to allow for revised strings. Should also help with other languages.
  13. known since September!!! http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/22756-mx-ui-issues-lets-make-a-list/&do=findComment&comment=125855
  14. Neither string highlighted below are in the crowdin translation list. The patterns of favorites display should be Display favorites as... Only display the icon should be Display icon only Due to the way the menu is shown, i'd change the options to Title only, Icon only, Icon and title. No need to repeat display as it doesn't add anything to it.
  15. Looking for the Author of RoboForm Lite

    Yes Nothing, it's just another option for those that don't want to use the built-in Maxthon version.