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  1. Fast image save function

    Works fine here. Enable/disable the option. Restart the browser.
  2. how to deactivate SPDY

    not an option in maxthon unfortunately. Not that it hasn't been brought up countless times to give access to such options.
  3. Maxthon 5 is Totally Messed Up!

    Did you try deleting cookies?
  4. It's there in Maxnote. Third button from the right when viewing a folder. Whatever option is selected is shown in all views (maxnote/fav/notes panes). Although at this stage some of the sorting options don't seem to be working correctly.
  5. V - MultiErrors

    Save the file to desktop and copy it into the account. Nothing's going to change, because the problem isn't with Maxthon - it's your install.
  6. I'm all up for some debate... but how is it not useful? The endgame is the same - tabs all opened. How is it not practical? It's literally one more click to get to the same end?
  7. after update all the link pages heve gone

    You've been given help 3 times by 2 different users and have dismissed it because, for whatever reason you deem BugSir006's information more relevant than ours. This is despite the information being clear and concise, and explicitly detailed in the file you are modifying. If you don't want to do the test, that's fine - just say so. I apologise if this post comes off as a little blunt, but there is nothing more annoying than people asking for help, then completely ignoring it without giving a valid reason why, or even trying what was requested. While I don't know if what was suggested is going to fix anything, I do know that you won't get anywhere following bugsirs advice in this situation.
  8. Uhhhh...

    You can import them from Main menu > Tools > Import/export data. Choose import from MX5 guest account when the option is available. Choose the options you want to import (favourites/passkeeper etc) It doesn't look like it imports any other data, so it shouldn't import the issue that caused the problem, but there's no guarantee on that.
  9. Uhhhh...

    Correct. Night light adjusts the hue of the screen, and the whole screen for that matter. OP's issue is only with the page area, and it's dimmed, not colourised.
  10. yes. It now works as the old menu style with the favbar folder selection option, or as the sidebar favourites panel.
  11. Uhhhh...

    Click the down arrow under the round button top left. Does it say Guest anywhere, or something else?
  12. removes that icon from the fav bar. it's now in the navbar.
  13. after update all the link pages heve gone

    Bugsir's is wrong or is different for some other reason. The examples 5 lines above your addition show how the correct format for the file should be. There's no guarantee that bugsir's suggestion was going to help, at least try the correct format and see if does anything. Also, to check that the hosts file change is working add: 127.0.01 www.maxthon.com Restart Maxthon and goto www.maxthon.com. You should get an error. If not, then the changes to the file aren't working. Delete the line once tested. You can also try adding www.maxthon.com to confirm that adding it the wrong way doesn't work.
  14. Can you please advise when the latest version of MX PC will be getting updated translations on Crowdin, and added to the release version? 1/ there's plenty of untranslated strings in the en-GB version which is annoying. 2/ there are still strings from ages ago still not fixed... and it's getting annoying still having to post about this.
  15. Uhhhh...

    if you're using a passport, logout and check in guest mode. Disable ALL extensions and check.