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  1. Annoying Top

    Nope. Been doing the import userdata since forever and rarely, if ever, have any issues. Clicking the X in the top right corner of the notification should get rid of it for good. You can try deleting the cookies for the page in case that's causing the problem. You can add a rule to ABP to permanently get rid of it. Although I can't find the thread that it came from, seems to have disappeared?! In the global rules section of ABP add: pc-newtab.maxthon.com##ul#top.clearfix I'm not 100% on that, didn't test, but it's in my list from when i tested originally when i posted in that thread that can't be found.
  2. This matches to what i found. If previous userdata is used there is no issue. Which is why anyone who does a "clean install" has the issue... doesn't make no sense though. Only thing i can think of is that there's a problem creating the default userdata files on first run. They files do get created but MX crashes for whatever reason. Starting it again finds the files as required and runs ok.
  3. I did some testing with this and also got the freeze issue on first start. It was probably 90+% of the times tested, even though they were all clean extracts of MX portable. So it is odd. With that said, i've never had this issue on my main version which always has previous userdata copied over before the first run.
  4. QA page not working

    You're right. But regardless, the OP's issue doesn't seem to be related to this.
  5. QA page not working

    True, but the problem above isn't cloud related. The data for the saved sites is in the cloud, but the rest of the page is local. There's no reason for it not to display correctly. I would think a refresh (ctrl+F5) should be enough.
  6. MX 4.45.1000 to MX5

    Are you using the install version or portable? Are you using a passport account or not? Only reason i can think of that it wouldn't import them is if they've somehow been placed in a non-standard folder for some reason, or MX5 thinks they've already been imported. Easiest option should be just install MX5 and it should import automatically. Otherwise export your favourites to a html file (option is in the menu somewhere) and then import them into MX5 once it's installed. To test without screwing up your current install, you can download and extract the portable version. Run maxthon.exe from the bin folder and see if it auto-imports your favs.
  7. whatever they do takes them some time to get it to work with the way MX works apparently. MX isn't like all the other chrome clones where they can simply update the core and push out a new release. That's why it's always behind. Good question, but i guess then you have the question, if they're spoofing that, then what other dodgy things are they doing? No, the MX defined site specific UA takes precedence over any local version.
  8. don't use it. but if you uninstalled already, make sure you've restarted since. Sometimes things don't get removed till the system is rebooted.
  9. it's a "feature". They use it to get around sites that check the UA for browser/blink version. Most sites will still work without issue on older versions, but you get blocked if they don't detect a particular version. Google sites do this a lot, so it's not unusual that any link via google would have a different UA. One thing that i'm now curious about is whether this is done locally, or if the URL is sent to MX servers then checked then the "modified" UA is sent to the client which then uses that to send to the site requested. Something to look into.
  10. thread v5.2.1.xxx is useless

    did a quick test on a few sites on a clean portable version of .3000 and it had no issues. tested on my current version of .2000 and a test portable of .3000, and as far as i can tell it's working. UI shows, views/buttons etc all work, matches to what the local client is showing. if you could elaborate a little more than "doesn't work". If it was deleted, it was either done by mistake, or was merged to some other, or possibly deleted as it may have been flagged as spam for some reason. I don't recall ever seeing a thread about uTorrent webUI issues.
  11. QA page not working

    yes That;s the address that's used for QA. Why they're aren;t loading i don't know. Did you add any? what do you see? did you see the default ones when you first loaded the page?
  12. The fix was referring to the mixed posts in this thread. Not the issue the thread was discussing
  13. QA page not working

    If you use guest mode it's all local. If you use a passport it will go to the cloud.
  14. QA page not working

    threads merged