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  1. How do I downgrade MX5?

    Download the version you want/need from http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes5/ Uninstall your current version. Install the version you downloaded.
  2. iOS/android smart image display

    It uses a common variable for the string. "%s" is disabled/enabled or switched to "%s" Ideally both platforms would use the same terminology, unless there's something in the way that it's notified that requires the different wording.
  3. Do you see it when you click the bee icon in the address bar? If not, reinstall should fix what ever the issue is. You don't mention what version you're using. If you have to reinstall, get the most recent version from here:http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes5/
  4. Google Doc issue

    What version are you using? Was a known issue in, but has since been fixed in the 5.1 versions.
  5. Administrative Privs

    That stop the prompt. Although i'm unsure whether the OP wants to just remove the prompt or stop Maxthon from having Admin access. And in saying that, why does MX need admin access?
  6. It will save to the folder you pick from the dialog above. Once saved it should show a link at the top right of screen which will take you directly to the folder. Although I think there is a bug. When saving to "All Folders" you can't find the saved item in the list when checking maxnote. But you can search for it and it will be found. Adding to any sub-folder works correctly as it is shown in the listing of the folder.
  7. I've noticed the same for some time now as well. Currently i've got 4 tabs that have been opened for at least 8hrs and still showing that they're loading. Happens on various sites. Just thought that I might try clearing the siteicon file and see if that changes anything.
  8. Following this up here as it's a little easier to read/follow than on crowdin. So i think there may be some miscommunication in what i was trying to correct. On Android there is the "Smart Image Display" feature that is noted as such on the menu with a on/off switch. Then there is a notification stating "Smart Image Display on/off" depending on what was done. For some reason this same feature is shown as "smart pictureless" on iOS. And this is what the issue was referring to. It should also be "Smart Image Display". Maybe I should have added the comment to the "smart pictureless" string, but I thought that it made enough sense that it was about the feature name, which would affect all the related strings, not the exact string the comment was on. I don't have an iOS device, so if someone can provide a screenshot it would be handy if i'm not on the right track. In summary for the iOS strings left: smart pictureless turned on > smart image display on smart pictureless turned off > smart image display off smart pictureless > Smart Image Display Always pictureless turned on > Never display images @BugMiss006
  9. Android .3038 Main menu and User menu still shows "Download" instead of Downloads Download, still says "No Download" instead of No Downloads Main menu, "Smart image display" now says "no image". Either keep it as it was or change it to "Display images" I'm guessing this version is using an older translation as these seem to be correct on CrowdIn
  10. Have updated all the strings except for a few that have comments. I'm guessing the .3038 release was using somewhat older translations? There's some strings, like the rotation strings (landscape/portrait), that are still showing vertical/horizontal.
  11. I think most users would be more comfortable installing from the Google Play Store, rather than downloading and installing from here. That's the reason the store link was provided. Latest version shouldn't be too far off coming to the store based on previous releases. You can get the direct link by right clicking the version number tab on the left > properties > copy/pasting. But you're right, all the platforms should have their own page. I just noticed there's also iOS and Mac releases at the end of the 2nd page. Not user friendly at all.
  12. They're different versions. 4 won't update to 5. Link to MX5 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mx.browser.star
  13. It's been fixed since that was posted. Previously it would show when first loading, then disappear when unchecking the box which would make sense as you said.