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  1. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    rename the %appdata%\maxthon5 folder to something else eg. mx5 Portable shouldn't find any existing profiles and will start completely clean. Well that is odd? The userdata shouldn't affect that, as the data for the skin files isn't anything that's sync'd. There's definitely something odd going on with your install.
  2. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    Are you using a skin of some sort? The only reason the icons won't show is if there's a problem and they can't be found. And i'm thinking that it could be related to that. It's definitely not doing what it's supposed to. Test using a portable version. If that shows correctly, then copy the page.dat file from the portable version into your original install. Or copy over your userdata into the portable version. And just out of curiosity, click as shown below. It should return it to the standard 3 pane view.
  3. To what version? Can you link to some videos that don't work for you so others can check.
  4. Which version was that so we know what we're comparing to...
  5. I can not sync with maxnote

    If your device isn't showing at https://my.maxthon.com/mydevice.html then there is something wrong. Test by extracting the portable version from here. Login with your account and see if the same problem happens.
  6. Seems to be because the entire page is refreshed and Accounts is the default from there. Would be nice if it could be fixed.
  7. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    You're using the pop-up version of Maxnote. For whatever reason it removes the 2nd pane. If you restore it back to the main window (ctrl+G or close button) then it will show like my image.
  8. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    Not the favourites menu. In Maxnote. You can't select folders in the left pane, but fav's and folders can be selected from the right pane using the standard windows key combo's ctrl &/or shift. The items marked grey were selected using ctrl+left click
  9. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    Using ctrl and/or shift to select and the right click > move to option isn't that bad. Maybe not ideal, but not difficult by any stretch.
  10. Just checked the Jolidrive extension, it only adds a button to the sidebar. YTcentre doesn't add an icon, and lastpass might be the same. For YTC and lastpass there's no need to have them show an icon as they work in the background on the pages as required. Jolidrive on the other hand has to be updated by the creator to add a toolbar button option.
  11. Maxthon minimum width

    sounds like it could be related to that then
  12. Maxthon minimum width

    That's not the issue. It's already maximised as shown in the window control box, so it should open up maximised as normal. For some reason it's thinking the screen is slightly smaller. It's a known issue. Was mentioned a few weeks ago. No response has been given as to why this was implemented.
  13. Spell check not working

    Your proof is that it doesn't/didn't work for you in that instance/on your system. As above "i haven't had an issue that i recall ever. There hasn't been any other posts about it. You've not stated that this is a reproducible issue on multiple re-installs or on different systems." I'm not stating it's not an issue for you, on your system - it clearly is. But until it can be reproduced consistently then I (and I only) wouldn't class it as a bug. EDIT: just noticed you said initial language chosen - my mistake. After playing around it seems there is a weird issue where the default spell check doesn't seem to want to work. EDIT2: I was changing the browser language!? Testing with portable, on first run no spell check language is selected. Once selected it seems to work as expected. Not sure if things change, or if the system language is selected when using the installer version.
  14. I can not sync with maxnote

    Do you get an error? Is it only the Maxnote data that doesn't sync? Anything else? Extensions? Settings? Have you tried logging in/out? Another computer?