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  1. Not that i'm aware of. There's no option to set a limit. But any reason why you're concerned with the size? it shouldn't ever be overly huge and most should delete once finished with or when MX is closed.
  2. Make sure you're clicking right at the very top edge of the tab when snapped to the side. It won't work. I think there's an extra 1px border when it's a window, and that isn't clickable so that's why it happens. Not sure if that can be fixed by changing the skin, as It think that might be a windows chrome (not the browser!) issue.
  3. I don't think that's the solution. I'd dare say a good number of users would dismiss that and go about their business, and then come here/facebook etc to complain/ask the question anyway. There shouldn't be any need for explanation. It supposed to all happen automatically without any user intervention. Why they're actually only importing parts of the data i'm not sure. But the fact that it seems to work as described above without any issues that i'm aware of, it's somewhat annoying and confusing. I'm unsure why they've decided to hide the favbar by default, as i'm pretty sure it used to be enabled by default. I recall I always had to hide it when testing new versions. So either way you can't keep everyone happy. And your magic fill issue isn't related to magic fill. There's something wrong with the options css/html files which is why it looked weird and more than likely why it wasn't saving properly.
  4. http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/21475-maxthon-troubleshooting-tips-and-tricks
  5. Calculators on sites

    Can you post a screenshot of what it's supposed to look like? Checked on Opera and Edge, and both look the same as the MX5 page, but not sure if there is something that needs to be clicked or whatever.
  6. Using portable as well. Tested on a fresh version as well, still not working? EDIT: working now! Woohoo!
  7. Go through this: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/21475-maxthon-troubleshooting-tips-and-tricks/
  8. unlucky bad timing that there was something wrong at that time?!
  9. I get the Open in Desktop & Download Zip options. Clicking on the the zip option the file downloads. Check your ABP settings/ turn off to test. any random extensions etc
  10. As above, no issues. Downloads correctly. MX5.0.3.4000 portable
  11. Doesn't seem to have happened yet. Manually changing to the IE11 UA works (but not something i want to have set permanently), so i'm guessing that's the UA that's going to be pushed. Correct. Good to hear that something is happening
  12. WhatsApp in Maxthon 4

    I think he means screens as in the way the MX4 one worked. You could have different related sites on each new screen + groups. Compared to MX5 where you have them all on the one long screen + groups.
  13. Changing to MX5

    Your MX4 userdata should be in %appdata%\maxthon3. If you reinstall MX4 it should all be exactly as you left it. You can have both versions installed, just can't run both at the same time. As far as data that gets imported. I'm pretty sure when testing before doing my move to MX5, most data inc history and last session, searches etc were all imported. ALthough will need to follow that up to confirm. I'm using and testing with a protable version.. although that shouldn't make that much of a differenc.e
  14. The download progress icon was a nice option. Just one of the things that was dropped in the MX5 upgdate. maybe it might come back someday... Add the search box from the View menu in main menu. Or just don't worry about it and use the address bar to do the same thing...