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  1. Vivaldi is hardly a v1 product. It was in beta for over a year with a huge number of builds in that time before it finally came out with it's V1 (currently at V2 if i'm not mistaken). AND the creator(?) is ex-Opera, of which had at least 12 versions, maybe more, before he left to start Vivaldi. I was going to point out that this and everything else you want are in/can be tweaked in MX5... but you've already moved on... so again, good luck.
  2. For all the talk of hand holding etc, apparently now we need a great big banner stating that MX4 is obsolete, even though there's a link to "Maxthon5", MX4 hasn't been updated for over a year, the release notes menu shows both MX5 and MX4.9 and almost everyone after kindergarten knows that 5 comes after 4. I'm sorry, I still think this is the flimsiest excuse for dumping the browser. Considering there's a better option to access print in as many clicks on the context menu, i can't see why this is still the thing that puts you over the edge. Was disabled in 4.9 as it was the precursor to the MX5 branch. They started from a much revised platform requiring some things to be re-built/fixed to make it work properly. The new window option was still available, allowing you to tile windows using the default windows options (drag/drop, drag to corners, WIN+Left/right etc.) But if you're going to criticise Maxthon, having crap window/tab management is a valid one. You couldn't drag out a tab to a new window till MX5.1.x. Good luck with that. Had you mentioned it earlier, creating a skin with the Print option in the top level menu is a all but trivial. Send me the 200k and i'll happily do it for you , and add the print option to as many places as you like. But seriously good luck with Vivaldi. It's a great browser that does many things very well. But like with you, there's some things that just don't work for me, namely crappy support for super drag&drop and popup video... but that was a while ago, things may have changed.
  3. Same here. Although a refresh of the page showed a new list. Removed them and it hasn't come back. But this is a Google.com issue, not Maxthon. Nothing in google settings to stop it that i could see.
  4. Beta - floating video bar

    Happens on all videos? Or just some? Particular websites? Link to a video that has that happen.

    Could be you have a rule that was added somehow that is causing the icon to be blocked. Go to ABP > Custom filters > Global Rules Copy the entries and paste them here.
  6. MX5 for android-x86 needed

    are there any x86 android devices?
  7. about:blank ?

    Yep, when in Retro you get an about:blank page instead of the link you expect to open. Doesn't happen when testing with Bing, so something is going on there. Regardless, Retro should only be used if a site has issues with using Ultra. The google banner thing will always crop up due to the way MX updates the blink core. Best to ignore it or my preference, hide it using adblock.
  8. Yes we do all have opinions, but you'll notice mine came with reasons supporting my actions and arguments against yours. Falling back on the "leave your comment" phrase, which can be read literally or within the context of the forum as noted above, while does support your argument, i gave counter-arguments as to why I thought it wasn't good idea to allow comments in that forum/thread. Looking at it from another view; would you prefer the main support section have only threads for each version of MX? That way if a user has a problem with 5.2.5, then they post the issue in that thread only, which may also have 10 other problems mentioned? If this was a reddit style forum, where each post can have it's own thread within the main thread, then that could work. How things are setup here i don't think it's viable. reasons?? "A strawberry tastes nice" is an opinion. "A strawberry tastes nice because it's sweet" is an opinion with a reason to support it.. See the difference?
  9. Had you quoted (and read) the full paragraph, you would have your answer. I've bolded it for you in case you missed it. . If you want to read it literally, sure. But if you read between the lines and note that this is a support forum with different sections for different things, you'll notice there's a specific forum that deals with support issues. The thread was posted in an Announcement section. Otherwise we may as well just have one section and people can post whatever they want mixed in with everything else. And we've been through this before, it used to be noted in the posts that issues should be created in the support section. Due to the revolving door that is the bugsir* account, it's been dropped at some stage. It also says "Happy Browser", based on that maybe we should be reading between the lines. Highly dependent on how you browse the forum. I use the unread activity stream feature, anything unread is shown, doesn't matter where it is. If you manually look through for unread posts, then you may miss it, especially if you don't look in the announcement forum. That was one that I never frequented. That's the way it was setup by one of the previous bug*s. An oversight possibly, or maybe they were thinking that people would take note of the "post issues in the support forum" line when it was there. The only user levels able to post there were MX master and moderators. Will revise it, or change the forum to read only. But when it comes to tracking issues, a separate thread for each issue is the best way to do it. This way you can see when it happened, what was done to try and fix it, update the thread if new versions fix or still have the issue. And it's easier follow a problem as you're not reading through other posts about someones QA issue, or login problems, or extension problem, or broken youtube, or <insert whatever website> that doesn't load. Long post, but hey, you asked for an explanation. And yes, i moved these posts as well!
  10. Flash should have no bearing on video playback (depending on the site), but especially Youtube. As above, i believe they went to HTML5 back in 2015/16. I doubt the issues are Flash/memory leak related; given that there's no issue using Chromium it's odd that it won't work in MX, although could be related to the older core. Also I think Chrome/ium auto update Flash, or at least used to, which means it may have been running on a more recent version than your v10.0.9 possibly affecting playback. Not sure how i got onto this, because as above it shouldn't affect anything due to HTML5. That said, MX does/did(?) lack some hardware acceleration options which may be a problem depending on the specs of the device in use. Given the 2gb RAM, chances are the CPU/GPU combo isn't great either, add on software video decode, it probably isn't a great platform for smooth video playback depending on what else is going on. You may be mixing up HTML5 & h264. H264 is a compressed video format, one that Flash supports and can happily play. Flash is to some degree a container format that can contain video/audio/animation/3D content and allows user interactivity, which is what HTML5 also does.
  11. about:blank ?

    Two things: 1 / why are you using Retro mode for Google? Does the same issue occur when using Ultra? 2 / can you post a screenshot of your Search Engine Management settings?
  12. Posts have been merged into here. No one should be posting in there anyway. It's an announcement forum so regular users don't have access to those forums. That's pretty much it. Probably added as another means to get users to the extension site for those that don't have the sidebar open?! Unfortunately, the translation isn't available (and isn't in Crowdin) for en-GB, and probably many more.
  13. a little more clarification as to the actual issue would be handy. Stuttering? no video? no sound? wrong frame rate? wrong aspect ratio? wrong colours? Dropped frames? What resolution are you using? is it a 60fps video? Can you provide a link to a video that exhibits the issue?
  14. Switch core function

    Once you switch core it will be remembered for each subsequent visit. But there is no way to set the useragent per site, IE10/11 etc. It's Blink or IE(latest version on your system), using the Switch Core option only.
  15. True, in the same way that a moved menu item is a browser breaking bug. In summary, 1. a workaround for the sub-menu issue has been given 2. it's simple to ignore all the extra "crap" 3. video playback isn't an issue as far as i'm aware, otherwise there would be a lot more complaints 4. use portable and you'll never see a nag to update. Where's the problem? http://dl.maxthon.com/mx4/maxthon_portable_4.9.5.1000.7z http://dl.maxthon.com/mx4/maxthon_portable_4.4.8.2000.7z