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  1. Maxthon vs. Fullscreen apps

    been having this issue as well of late. Very annoying!
  2. MX corrupts downloads

    Then as i said, it's going to make things trickier, as it seems there's no issue on my end. Has anyone with this issue tried on a clean portable version to test?
  3. MX corrupts downloads

    So you're saying you've tested on Office online as well? Or just with Office365? If that is the case then it makes things even more complicated as it's not a issue common across all users.
  4. MX corrupts downloads

    There is no solution > because they haven't found the cause > because they can't reproduce the issue. Tested using Excel & Word Online no issues. Files save as correct document files. Not sure how different Office365 is, but i can't imagine that it's completely different code to save the files. If you can test using those, and you still have the problem, it may at least give the dev's something to work with instead of the sites noted that they don't have subscriptions or access to. I'd be extremely surprised if they don't have a Microsoft account setup for testing, or at least one employee that has one.
  5. Passkeeper

    it's not a webform. Passkeeper won't detect or save that data. Pretty sure the same would go for other browsers. Definitely no option to save in Vivaldi (and probably any other chrome clone). Use the new website login page and it will work. https://www.brisnet.com/product/login
  6. Yep, just checked. Have updated the OP.
  7. MX corrupts downloads

    1 / I'm pretty sure it did have this bug at some stage a while back. 2 / does it affect all files downloaded or just some? Have you checked with another browser to see if it's the site/file not the MX downloader? I tested with a site that i use and had no issues. A link to the offending file would be handy if possible. 3 / i'm pretty sure the only changes to the Download Manager were aesthetic, nothing behind the scenes affecting how files are downloaded, but could be wrong. Agree with this. I don't think the new UI is much of an improvement over the old. Although it does add some nice things, like the options button, clear history. But icons moving around (play should replace pause and vice versa), colours out of place (search/show tasks boxes), truncated download path unless you're using a huge window, all seem a little off. Hopefully just a WIP. Time will tell.
  8. So don't bother with any sort of security? If you can't access my computer then you can't get anything, which is what was stated in the last paragraph. What the extra verification does is stop anyone that shouldn't have access to that system accessing MX passwords. If they don't know the password for the user account, they won't know the password for the extra verification.
  9. Was brought to my attention that there's no user verification when accessing Passkeeper using a Guest account. Assuming you have access to an unlocked device and can open Maxthon, someone may potentially have full access to all of a users passwords. As far as i'm aware it's been like this since MX3, possibly earlier, but after digging around it seems other browsers do have security checks for guest accounts. Other browsers (in order of best to worst implementation):Chrome & Opera (and probably all Chrome clones?) ask for the users windows password to verify before showing.Edge manages through the Control Panel>Manage web credentials, requiring the users windows password before showing.Vivaldi doesn't show passwords at all, so you can't really manage them. (best in regards to security, useless for management)Firefox hides them by default, with an option to show with no verification - unless a master password has been setup. MX hides them by default, with an option to show with no verification. Will be nice to hear a response as to why MX has opted for none, and if it might be an option to add at some stage. In the case of the Chrome/edge options, it's a system level verification, in that if you know the password to access the system you'll still get access to the passwords. Given the way it works having an extra verification offers no extra security over locking the user account when not in use. Regardless it's still more secure than having nothing.
  10. buttons need to be moved right to allow for revised strings. Should also help with other languages.
  11. print issue

    what happens when you click "change" or "print using system dialog"?
  12. So, updates? As mentioned above, it's a feature that EVERY other browser has, and one of the simplest means of protecting a users privacy.
  13. known since September!!! http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/22756-mx-ui-issues-lets-make-a-list/&do=findComment&comment=125855
  14. Default Download Location

    No need to do that. As mentioned above, the downloader remembers the last folder used, and subsequent ones are added to the dropdown.
  15. nothing. Works fine in using http://www.orimi.com/pdf-test.pdf to test. PDF opens directly in MX using the built-in reader.