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  1. Works fine here?! Wonder what the difference is? I have noticed that sometimes that Maxthon doesn't select the full URL when clicking on the address bar, but normally clicking again fixes it.
  2. Passport, as in your profile login that is saved to the cloud. Option b is an idea I have, but I don't know if it will work, or if it will be viable for most users to do. Will see what happens and will post if I come up with anything.
  3. Well i did say that would be the case if using a passport because the file was restored from the cloud. Now to look into option B.
  4. So we know it's your profile settings. Now just trying to find where the data is saved.. and that is being a little more difficult than what i imagined. EDIT: So the bg that's set is saved in \UserData\Users\[userprofile]\QuickAccess\QaConfig.dat. The problem is that doing anything to that file will also remove any sites/tiles added to QA. So you can try deleting the file hoping that it will fix the problem, but you'll have to set things up again. And being that it gets sync'd, deleting it may not matter, as it will just get restored from the cloud anyway. You can always test the above by keeping a copy of the original file, then restore it if things don't turn out the way you expect. That said, unless you don't mind playing around with things like this, it's best to leave things for the time being and hopefully a fix will be pushed by the devs and it will be resolved. Has anyone tried adding extra/deleting sites to the page at the same time as changing the bg? Maybe that's enough to "fix" the file so it stores the bg change properly?
  5. export import External Tools

    Yep, been doing this for ages. A definite for using portable. There may be some issues when there are major revisions between updates, but most of the time it works well. Ensures that all of your data gets moved across and you can pickup exactly where you left off.
  6. Yes. I got bored, so I also added a version with an image now!
  7. Says that something isn't saving properly. Test with a portable version using the guest account and see if the same happens. Then login with passport and test again. Let us know what happens.
  8. MX5 Crash

    Why can't you just download and install from the release notes page? http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes5/ Definitely a weird issue. Seeing as the same was happening in safe mode means there more than likely is something going on with MX on your system. But who knows what that might be. If it only started recently then it makes it even more odd.
  9. Hello

    What's your account name?
  10. Problem with userscript on ViolentMonkey plugin.

    Doing some digging around and noticed this: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/Using_CSS_variables#Browser_compatibility https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/var#Browser_compatibility Seems these features aren't available in Chrome versions <v48. Seeing as MX5 up till now is based on Blink v47, that's more than likely the reason why it's broken. But good news is that it works fine, at least with the JSfiddle code that I was testing with, on the latest internal beta. So once that's released you shouldn't have any issues with the ViolentMonkey extension.
  11. MX5 Crash

    I'd be doing that first. At least you'll know straight away whether it's a program or windows that's causing the issue. No point deleting/reinstalling MX5 10 times over if it's not actually related to Maxthon. %appdata%\Maxthon5 The only thing that MX adds to the registry (at since the last time i checked) is the install location. Everything else is in the userdata folder. Also noticed that you're using Try and see if that fixes anything.
  12. delete the userdata folder. You will lose ALL your data. If you're signing in with a passport it will sync again when you sign in.
  13. MX5 Crash

    as below... It wasn't overly clear whether it was guest or not and whether you ran guest first or not.. Which is why I reiterated that you should run portable as guest before doing anything else to ensure that it's not bad userdata from an account that might somehow be the cause.
  14. No, what I marked in red, and what PHYR said. The current ones look tacky and cheap, like they were made in the mid-90's when geocities was all the rage. Make them look similar in style to the maxnote one I linked above. There doesn't even need to be a picture, just the same box/font and button style. Here's something that I knocked up in 5mins. Given that the design team already have the assets I find it hard to believe they can't do the same in less time.