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  1. Happens very rarely for me. A refresh (F5) always fixes it.
  2. Forced Auto-update?

    That's why I was asking. Odd that they'd "update" you to an older release if your version was one of the new core beta versions. Looks like they still have some testing to do on how to detect what/how to update what
  3. Forced Auto-update?

    ?? are you sure about that ?? some version numbers please
  4. PDF open on MX

    Unchecking the option in settings > advanced > Default file type > file type association settings > pdf should allow it to be downloaded. BUT in my version at least it still opens in the MX viewer
  5. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Like it would matter. half the time things aren't even on there... eg. broken spotify... no mention. fixed spotify... no mention
  6. Annoying Shortcut Error Window

    it's not, it's mx5. it's supposed to be a verification of the shortcut to ensure that it hasn't been compromised by any malware that opens up a dodgy site etc.
  7. MX5 PC Beta Release

    my testing shows that it just won't update. Update was found yesterday, restarted and it's the same version. Now the update check just goes on forever. The new files are in the appdata folder ready to go. I guess it's a good way for users to manually do an autoupdate? They get notified, but allows them to copy the files over if they want? haven't tried that yet though.
  8. Annoying Shortcut Error Window

    what happens if you delete the mx5 created icon and make a new one by drag/drop?
  9. MX5 PC Beta Release

    That's your choice as well. use portable, just better...
  10. Website not opening

    working now. You may have started the download before it was completely uploaded. seems they're really pushing out a few builds of late...i wonder whats going on?
  11. MX5 PC Beta Release

    hmmm could it be they finally got auto updates working properly?
  12. V won't start

    One is the main stable release (5.1.x), slightly updated with some bugfixes. Most users should stick with this version. Other is a beta release for the updated core. It's not unusual to be working on two (or more) versions concurrently. Best example at the moment is Windows. They're getting ready for a new release next month, but internally they're already working on the next version to be released in 6 months. Skip ahead insiders have had access to this for the past month.
  13. MX5 PC Beta Release

    portable doesn't get auto updates