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  1. I have got MX5 working ok but still fed up with favourites which are rubbish compared to MX4 as they come in a Z to A not A to Z for some reason, any ideas why this may be and does not seem a way or reversing this way of showing, so to get to say Amazon I have to scroll all the way over to the right side rather than showing on the left as should. Please help. Marcus
  2. Ad Blocker

    Having moved to MX5 from MX4 the possibility of taking ad blocker off a specific web page does not seem easy to find within settings as does not show in the status bar , can see one that allows pop ups but is this possible
  3. MX5 fed up

    Hi, have tried again this morning after getting warnings from papal that MX4 would stop being accepted, decided to just import favs from IE rather than MX and all bar the lst couple I added are thier. One thing however, favs do not seem a s easy to handle on MX5 and do wonder why had to alter this.Could the Fav tab be put back to the far theft as seem to open up backwards and no way of setting them A to Z rather than Z to A as now appear marcus
  4. MX5 fed up

    Thought had got MX5 set up OK but then found a couple of issues, despite importing favs from MX4.4.1000 found that not all of my saved MX faves were there, also had to do a separate import from IE11 also. Went to one of the several missing sites from MX then tried to add this but despite it saying was saved was not in the place had saved it to. Have therefore gone back to MX4 as think MX5 just not good enough. Very dissapointing this overall having been a very happy user of Maxthon since reading about it in Computer Active but even they dont seem to mention iot now, have seen Vivaldi mentioned a few times but bet if used that could not get the favs aross from Maxthom. What going on, use Win 10. Marcus
  5. MX 4.45.1000 to MX5

    Hiya, I have had another go today and lo and behold the full install version asked me to sign in which am sure has not done before, the only issue was the Fav Bar at top of browser was not showing but all other favs were there and found another message about this and brought them back but then had to sort them into alphabetical order but all looks ok this time around.
  6. hi, hope someone can help, but in the past when have downloaded the new MX5 I have had problems as never picks up favorites at all despite when all other upgrades have done these are where they should be so have always taken it back off system and reverted to MX4. How can I get favs set up ok and as started to get a couple of web sites saying my browser out of date so if can get this sorted will have another go at MX5. Marcus
  7. Hi, I have just moved to a new Win 10 laptop and got all favs back from online but has not put the favs bar at the top of bowser like had on my prev win 7 laptop, can someone remind me how I got them there, I am using verion 4 as tried new 5 but didnt seem to like my local newspaper web site