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  1. MX corrupts downloads

    BugSir006 is KING! HE SOLVED THIS GLITCH. The point is MxDownloader.dll . Now I hope(?) that newer version encount it.............................
  2. MX corrupts downloads

  3. MX corrupts downloads

    This bug affect torrents ONLY. Another browsers and previous version of MX( works EXCELLENT on the same links. A link to the offending file is impossible cause I dl'ing fom authorized-access sites. A keyword: MX-downloader downloading a site link or segment instead *.torrent file. (Snap from code-view)
  4. "+Improved the UI of download manager" - sounds good, isn't it? )imho, dl-manager don't need it( But in fact, when you downloading *.torrent file and press OPEN - you've got the message that this file (torrent) is NOT BENCODING FILE what means the torrent-file is corrupted or orphaned. Remembering 17 last years, Maxthon never had this type bug. And it doesn't seems like bug, rather INACCURACY or CODING GARBAGE.
  5. 5.1.7 version i8s AMAZING! Immediate crash after launch! No comments...

  6. Useless Popup

    Useful tool - Save Video Popup - became useless (MX-