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  1. MX- Obsolete?

    Yes, ULTRA (not turbo), whatever? Nobody talks about OLD sites where pages needs switching to RETRO. I mean sites (my example) where earlier MX-versions worked correctly (without change UA).
  2. MX- Obsolete?

    You didn't hear me. PROBLEM IS: denial of working DURING LIVE TRANSLATION (or right after) but working fine after hour or more. - That's about youtube. NEXT: Post#12 - See the difference between TURBO and RETRO page mods? This is it.
  3. MX- Obsolete?

    I say again: YouTube videos works fine 1 HOUR AFTER live translation, but not works DURING live and RIGHT AFTER it. Now about another: TURBO MODE and RETRO MODE Previous version of MX worked normal.
  4. MX- Obsolete?

    Once again (Hour past live translation): must switch tngine to watch...
  5. MX- Obsolete?

    As classical example: https://forum.0day.kiev.ua/index.php?s=7d22ccd850e713fad22d8ff2c0f8ec28&showtopic=517177&st=20&p=6003407&#entry6003407 Here to see tubes I (ALWAYS) neeed to switch MX-engine. The rest of cases similar or varied. Sometime switching engine twice causes to normal. Here is CONSTANT problem with "live" and post-live tubes: https://www.youtube.com/user/artpodgotovka P.S. Funny, both cases CHROME works with no problems.
  6. MX- Obsolete?

    3 - On YouTube: videos just right after "live" are not playing (error message ob black screen)
  7. Last version works strange 1 - Some tubes galleries doesn't show content (thumbs) 2 - DeviantArt says that
  8. Useless Popup

    Useful tool - Save Video Popup - became useless (MX-