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  1. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Hi, thx the skins looks greate! I love Nitro But I have the windows 10 taskbar on top and all skins are a little bit cutted/ hidden couse of the taskbar. Is there any solution? Greetings
  2. MX5 for android-x86 needed

    MX5 on Cr OS is no alternative :/ Does MX5 works on Android TV Box? Sincerely yours
  3. MX5 for android-x86 needed

    Probably not :-D Tomorrow I will try Cr OS Linux and test MX5, this could be a good alternative - I hope MX5 works as expected. I notify you in the next days! Sincerely yours
  4. android-x86 and MX5

    My version: Android-x86 8.1-rc2 released - kind of craches... The app close and I have to restart MX5, I don't get any error report. Sry I can't go more in detail.
  5. Hi, we need a MX5 version for android-x86! MX5 works for surfing, but after trying to login (via phone number or email), he always crashes :/ Login is really important! Sincerely yours
  6. Hi, some days ago I tried android-x86 (android 8) on my PC and installed MX5! The browser works for surfing, but after trying to login (via phone number or email), he always crashes :/ Has anyone a solution? Greeting
  7. German crowdin

    Hi, in that file (Maxthon for Windows, 4.9 German translation) translated in crowdin are some old translations. I am not able to change them into new translations, because I will be the only one, who gives a 'bad mark' - and I think, that MX only make changes, If there are some more 'bad marks' than one... So there are some old translations, I wish to change since a long time, but nothing is possible, in every new version, still the old translation. That at first! Now, I have never translated 'Reload' into 'App neu laden' - that's not my translation, but it still exists. And the most problem is, that I can't find the german translation in crowdin (even not, If i search for 'reload') The correct translation is : 'Aktualisieren' - If anybody is able to change that, feel free to correct that fault as soon as possible! Sincerely yours VoltERRa