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  1. Here you have an old user, using maxthon since it was called MyIE ! ;) hehehe
  2. You are right. In earlier versions of maxthon the search in Settings didn't exist and I am not used to it (I mean, I always ignore it is there). I will try to use it more from now on. Thanks! Also I can agree with your point of view of the search options, actually I doubted to put it there too. Just ignore that part hehe ( I edited my original post). But the Navigation alias shortcuts should be no doubt
  3. Every time I try to find the URL shortcuts, I search first in the "Shortcut" category, but it is not there... why not? They are shortcuts. And the same happens to me when I try to find the search engine shortcuts.. (EDIT2: since it might be correct where it is now) I am sure more people is having the same concern than me. See attachments. Thanks, EDIT: also the shortcut bar!