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  1. What do you think about (2) and (4) ? You didn't say anything. 5) Sorry yes, I was wrong. I mixed it with the version 4 of MX mobile. The backward button is on the bottom left of the app when you are in a page. It makes sense to have the forward button in the bottom right of the app... instead of there... 6) ok. ¡Then at least you agree with me in 3 and 5!
  2. I like this thread: , but since the Desktop version and the Mobile version UI are so different, I think it's worth to have them in 2 separate threads. So following this post: I agree on most of what @17167647 says, and I will add a few comments: First of all, thank you for moving "My Sites" to the main screen in version, it was hard to realize that you had to shift right to see them... 1) Links on My Sites should be editable. I am fine if you put them by default, but please... these links and "My Sites" should be the exactly same thing. So put them inside of My Sites if you want, but let me remove them. 2) These buttons bellow should not be there... they are hard to find and: - First button to the left is redundant, you can close pages by shifting them down or up. It's faster and more convenient, so we don't really need the button. - Second button to the left is redundant, you can also find the incognito mode in the 3 dots menu... and with a different icon! why? That makes it even more confusing. Just remove this one please. - Third button: to create a new page: I don't think you need to come to this menu if you want to open a new page... There is a better place for this button... Keep reading. 3) Use the ghost icon for the incognito mode! It's more intuitive than the foot AND when you go to incognito mode you can see a small ghost, so why not just use the same icon? 4) You can access both favorites and notes either from the menu in your profile (top left) or the 4 squares in the bottom right corner. However they look somehow different. This is a bit confusing... just leave one of them... same format. 5) Going forward is redundant here, because you also have the button on the top left corner when you are in a page. Closing button is also redundant because you have the previusly explaining. This! is the proper place where the "new tab" button should be placed! So you have the "new page" and "new note" together which is more coherent. 6) Adding a page to favorites is not something that happens that often as to have the button there... And is is more consistent if you put it in the same place than the Desktop browser, where users are used to. So I would move it from the bottom to the URL bar. Any thoughts people?