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  1. As an administrator, you should have noticed that I posted details of a popular, American web-site was banning the IPs of people who visited the site using Maxthon -- and you should have taken action, by, in this case, addressing their "misgivings" in this public forum that I informed you I had directed them to. As an administrator, you should know that here is a HUGE difference between allowing a web-site that has a valid certificate see what browser, etc. I am using, and posting the same information on a public message board. E.g. as an administrator, you also have access to password administration for the forum-- are you suggesting that I should post my password on a public message board? As an administrator, I'm sure that you know that Maxthon is Chinese -- one of the USA's pet politics-of-fear "enemies". I did not ask for help. I did not demand that you give me private information. I merely informed you that a high-ranking web-site was banning the IPs of people using Maxthon -- something that you, as an administrator, should want to do something about. Instead of doing something about it, you chose to attack me for not being willing to post personal details on a public message board -- something that no-one should ever do. But never mind. I fixed the problem myself, while you were busy having a go at me. The site is no longer blocking the IPs of Maxthon users, and can be used as an example if any other sites jerk their knees in response to current US political drum-bashing. As an administrator, you should be damned well ashamed at how little you contributed to the fix. <plonk>
  2. Who's worked up? I'm stating facts, cleanly and clinically. Web-sites that show such behaviour should be taught correct behaviour. Anyone who wants to help can simply do as I asked, and address the matter, not go off on strange tangents and demand that I hand over unneeded information. No-one has done that yet, though -- and, logically speaking, if no-one can provide any good reasons why web-sites should not ban Maxthon users, then maybe those web-sites are right.
  3. I didn't ask you to replicate anything, because it's nothing you can fix. This isn't a Maxthon bug ticket; it's a thread in a discussion forum. I simply provided a fact: that a substantial American web-site was banning users of Maxthon. And I further directed that site's admins to this thread and to material about Maxthon. My objective was to nip such behaviour in the bud, not to cry for help. If you want to help (with the situation, not help me personally), then provide information in this thread that they can read. And when speaking publicly on-line, you shouldn't even say what OS you use, let alone what browser version. "Personal" has nothing to do with it; you're providing statistical data on who/what to target, and how.
  4. It looks like they've fixed it (probably after reading some of the material I suggested they read -- and perhaps realising that there are millions of Maxthon users), because I'm not getting the blocked notice myself, now, either, despite having opened a couple of dozen pages in short order. But please do not ask me again for information that I am not willing to post on a public message board. In fact, I would suggest that you don't ask for such information from anyone, without a private line of communication.
  5. If you browse around the site, it kicks in. I tend to drag to open links (because it's there), so it might be related to the number of pages opened at once (never more than about half a dozen). Does your VPN hide your browser version? The page will scrape that, regardless -- which is perfectly fine by this site, of course, because it's they who are intruding on their visitors' privacy by scraping such details. I thought it an interesting (and, of course, incredibly stupid and blinkered) concept. I think I'll block chrome and IE users from visiting my site -- and anyone who uses an apple browser... fageddabahdit! They say that they ban IPs that use Maxthon, version independent.
  6. is blocking the IP addresses of visitors who use Maxthon. The excuse they give for this is "Maxthon *is* sending automated scans to our site with a fake referrer", although I suspect that their motive is more racial, given the dirty tricks that American browsers get up to (which they seem happy to allow). I'm directing them to this topic, so kindly address the matter here.
  7. Update: Renaming the ini file for my user name and restarting deletes just about all personalisation and configuration, but does not remove the problem.
  8. The Maxthon 2 data doesn't affect Maxthon 3 or 4. I noticed, which is why I haven't cleaned it up (cleaning it has its own risks, obviously, e.g. %appdata%\Maxthon3 files are modified during updates). a proper clean install will remove all your userdata along with guest settings ... And replace them with defaults, which all have google as the default -- which will be overwritten by my cloud-stored settings. there is data that will get restored from the cloud QED. The default search for the address bar is set by the same one as for the search bar - Settings > Default search engine > Select your desired provider. If that is set to the correct one and this occurs then it's quite likely a setting could corrupted some how, which is why it keeps reverting to the old one. I would have thought it an inherited value, so that smacks of an error in a DLL or executable. Of itself, it wouldn't be too annoying, but right-clicking the new-tab button also invokes the address-bar search function, so it has the same output. To test this try step #8 in the Maxthon Troubleshooting & Tips and Tricks thread That "fixes" it for the default user. Logging in resumes the problem. Interestingly, the default-user ini file is modified during this process, but its CurrentSearchEngine value does not change (and if I change it manually, it changes back to google when the browser starts). Using the portable version makes no difference. So what it looks like is that I have to delete (at least parts of) my profile -- something that a clean install wouldn't help with.
  9. Oliver One replied at 2015-1-18 07:26 There is no more deaf than the one who does not want to hear! Indeed. Now can you please tell me where to configure the setting? It must be either set within a DLL or the main executable, because manual changes to the human-readable configuration files are overwritten when the browser is restarted. Kindly note that, given its behaviour, THIS IS NOT SOMETHING THAT CAN BE FIXED BY A CLEAN REISTALL. It is set as google because of something within the program, not because of anything that I have changed. A clean reinstall will not change anything in this matter than an upgrade installation will not cover. For the voluntarily hard of hearing: Can you please tell me where to configure the setting?
  10. Oliver One replied at 2015-1-18 07:11 Have you performed a clean install? I have installed the latest version. A few points: 1. There is still residual cr@p left over from maxthon 2 and maxthon 3 in this system, which the maxthon uninstallers/reinstallers/updaters did not remove. 2. The only difference "a clean install" makes is that it removes your user details, but not all the other cr@p that causes problems -- i.e. it can cause new problems, but is unlikely to solve any. 3. The UA string itself cannot redirect you to a different web-site, and I doubt very much that Yahoo would redirect me to google just because my UA string does not meet your rigid specifications. Now, does anyone know where the "not default" search engine used by the address field is managed, so that I can change it?
  11. Oliver One replied at 2015-1-18 06:42 Sometimes if you have upgraded a lot of times Maxthon, it can have a strange behavior with the UA se ... That's all very nice, but can we stick to the problem at hand, rather than discuss something that is not in any way a problem?
  12. Oliver One replied at 2015-1-18 06:26 First, you don't have a standard User Agent, and have you performed a clean install? I haven't touched the user agent; it is set as the built-in one named "Maxthon" in the selection box. If their own UA isn't good enough...
  13. Dev CZ replied at 2015-1-18 04:41 Try reinstall to latest version: Nope, that didn't work. Still goes to google from the address field.
  14. Google is not my default search engine, but searching from the address bar always goes to google -- worse, it goes to, because my IP is Dutch, so it spits out everything in that horrible language. How do I make google go away?
  15. Proxy Extensions

    Any fear of a Hola ( extension?