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  1. Mx4 closes every time I open the history. MaxthonCrashData-Mx4.zip
  2. A VPN service (like Hola)

    I hope someday maxthon can count on an extension as Hola. Hope is the last thing you lose.
  3. The links do not work I'm trying to install version rpm and find that the links do not work. http://dl.maxthon.cn/linux/rpm/i386/packages/maxthon-browser-beta- Does this mean the end of maxthon linux support?
  4. Maxthon hangs

    Try to run with Admin Rights. Yes, that seems to be the problem.
  5. Maxthon hangs

    Try what you said, but still can not open multiple sessions, even using the portable version.
  6. Maxthon hangs

    Follows the same problem even with extensions off following.
  7. Maxthon hangs

    odyssee replied at 2014-12-23 10:28 did you try to disable your extensions to see if any of them causes this ? does it happen in guest ... It is the first installation of maxthon on this computer. This only happens when I start my maxthon session.
  8. Maxthon hangs

    Every time I try to open a new session window, hangs. Report MaxthonCrashData_TYT.zip
  9. I would like the development of maxthon be a little more open. Practically we know nothing of it. :L
  10. What you think of this guys? Discovered significant improvement to the performance of the Intel graphics on Linux
  11. Several repotes accumulated here... YonaCrashReports+2.zip
  12. Adblock plus

    Great news... friends. https://adblockplus.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=25594
  13. Maxthon for linux

    It seems to me reasonable... Linux users need of that great potential that just Maxthon has.
  14. Proxy Extensions

    infoholico replied at 2014-10-20 05:05 Magg, of course I have done that, but I have no Proxy configured in IE, I don't use that infamous br ... Exactly .. !! One of the advantages of using Linux, is that I can to use Chrome extensions.