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  1. Hi
    Could it be that we have a bad extension installed?

    My extensions are:

    • Adblock Plus
    • Stylish for Maxthon
    • Youtube center developer build
    • Autozoom
    • Favorites


  2. I tried using version 5.1. I saw in the browser at least one nasty mistake ( So I figured this version behaves unpredictably = this version is unstable. I installed the browser in the same folder where the browser 5.0 was. I want to clarify something: maybe my act is stupid, but this is the standard behavior of users. If installing version 5.1 in a folder with version 5.0 leads to an error, this needs to be fixed @Mario.NET - also received such a mistake.
  3. I understand that version 5.1 is unstable. In version 5.0, everything is fine (the applications have returned). Let's resume talk about version 5.1. I just downloaded the beta version of the browser and installed it. After that, an error occurred. The error arose not only from me. Hopefully this will help you make version 5.1 stabled.
  4. Google Docs in MX 5.0.4

    In version 5.1, I'm not satisfied with this error
  5. In all the tabs at that time was empty.
  6. Use 5.0.1 -> Upd to 5.1 => Close MX => Open MX => Error.
  7. Not work after update browser to 5.0.4
  8. After updating 5.0.4, the bug is fixed.
  9. After installing the MX 5.1, all the extensions disappeared. After the MX 5.1 was deleted, the error persisted. Account: Logging out and signing in did not solve the problem.
  10. Docked HTM5 player (MX 5.1)

    Ok. This is mistake. The player must keep the position O_o
  11. 1. If the width of the player is less than 300px, the tracks will be violated to select the sound and time. 2. After the movie ends, the next movie appears in the center of the screen.
  12. Эти стили обращаются к какому-то ифрейму. Могли бы запихнуть стили в атрибут style="". Что это за фрейм, нам никто не скажет, конечно.
  13. Макстон - это не для нас.

    Зато синхронизация вкладок никогда не подводила а разных устройствах, и жесты мыши удобные, и видео можно открепить от страницы.