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  1. Ok something that worked for me to at least restore most of the history Go to *\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5\Users\*USERNAME*\History There you have history.dat which is the current history file and other files: History_Part_xx.dat This are saved history files. Rename or delete the current History.dat (renaming i safer), and rename the last History_Part_xx.dat to History.dat Maxthon should be closed while doing this, when you open Maxthon again you should have access to the cutoff date from the last file, mine was from the 17.09.2017, so I only lost about a week of history, but its searchable again.
  2. Updated from beta, maxthon 3 folder is there, so it seems its like grbac said, the last update automatically imported the old data, overwriting the current data. Going back to fixes the last and previous session. History is still not show. But you can access it manually. When you click on the dates by itself. But its not searchable. Already tried removing mx3 folder and reinstalling but history is still not searchable. Sticking to 1000 till the last and earlier session bug is fixed.
  3. jep.. history of the last 9 months whipped out....
  4. Newcomers, look here!

    Just posting to say hi, haven't used this new forum but was on the older one.