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  1. can't log in

    Sure, you can. Im form Poland. Im waiting
  2. Hi there.

    Sure, you can take a look for this issue via teamviewer. Im from Poland. And im at home right now so you can check in any moment.


  3. can't log in

    No i dont use any of them. I can't even type my password. Only email and after that this message appears. It happens not only on my wifi.
  4. Hi, like in a topic. Since one month or more I can't log into the "No operation over a long time, please refresh the page to continue." I need to log in because it can fix my second issue which is undeletable favorites. When im typing phrase e.g. youtube in address bar it shows site that is marked as favorite but it is not. It cannot be because I deleted that site years ago.. But till the last version of mx everything was good but after update it shows again :o And I know that sites that i want to remove should be in maxnote or whaterver the name is of Once I removed them and I want to do it again. But first I need to log in..
  5. If you tell me how to remove all comments you will be my master