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  1. Solved my problem by deleting my link and adding a new one, thanks for your help
  2. Right now I'm using, but I have had this problem for the last few versions that I've used
  3. Ebay takes forever to load pages on Maxthon 5, but this does not happen on other browsers. I have started using Microsoft Edge to go on Ebay, but switching browser is a pain, so I'm looking for a different browser. Please help Maxthon
  4. Facebook and Maxthon 4, will Facebook ever work on Maxthon 4, I doubt it. As usual Maxthon is moving to the next Maxthon browser (MX5 in this) before the previous version is finished (namely Maxthon 4), this never seems to happen. On Windows 7 videos do not work, you are unable to 'Comment' on posts and some pages just don't open.