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  1. I eventually succumbed to Passkeeper and it does not work
  2. Last Session not working

    Hi, I closed the browser and restarted my computer. When I restarted both, my last session links came up. Sorry if I caused any confusion/
  3. I opened up Maxthon 5 today and there was no last session. I checked my settings and it is selected, I then opened a webpage and closed the browser. Upon opening it I had no 'last session'. Time to look for a browser that works again.
  4. Facebook and Maxthon 4, will Facebook ever work on Maxthon 4, I doubt it. As usual Maxthon is moving to the next Maxthon browser (MX5 in this) before the previous version is finished (namely Maxthon 4), this never seems to happen. On Windows 7 videos do not work, you are unable to 'Comment' on posts and some pages just don't open.