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  1. I had a problem loging in to Maxthon. When I tried logging in I was told there was 'no connection', I was able to login to the Internet with other browsers so I tried Maxthon 5 again with the same problem arising. I tried logging into Maxthon I clicked on the button on the top right of the login in screen where I found a 'auto login' check box which I selected. I was then able to login to a guest account, but I cannot open the browser with my own Maxthon account any more. Is there a way of doing this?
  2. Same here, I have the same problem with v5.1.3.2000
  3. When I want to watch a video in Facebook using Maxthon it takes two or three clicks to open the video in full screen and I sometimes have to resize my page before the video appears in full screen mode. By the time I have clicked all the buttons short videos are nearly over. If I open a Facebook video in full screen in other browsers it takes one click.to go full screen. I currently use Maxthon Any help would be appreciated
  4. Facebook and Maxthon 4, will Facebook ever work on Maxthon 4, I doubt it. As usual Maxthon is moving to the next Maxthon browser (MX5 in this) before the previous version is finished (namely Maxthon 4), this never seems to happen. On Windows 7 videos do not work, you are unable to 'Comment' on posts and some pages just don't open.