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  1. Maxthon Fonts

    I'm sorry no.
  2. first Errors

    Try to import them in a guest account and check.
  3. Maxthon Fonts

    You can do that by left clicking and dragging the tab to make it in a separate window
  4. Maxthon Fonts

    I was referring to your native language. Is it English? The letter N your meant isn't English I guess. Are you using English as the main Maxthon language? like mine take a look
  5. Maxthon Fonts

    Assalamu Alaikum What's your main computer language? What's the game main language?
  6. It's as if they are ashamed of what Maxthon users suggest. Why is there a big gap between them and us? Isn't Maxthon users browser?
  7. Yeah you can say that again
  8. Saving bookmarks bug!!

    Can't see this in the latest beta version
  9. You are absolutely right Maxthon developers and users connection is so weak something has to be done about it
  10. I'm not surprised at all. You're lucky that English and Chinese are left to right languages. Just try to see what happens when we see the Arabic strings. From early days up till now any tab displaying Arabic name would be in reverse order. Now I'm used to reading Arabic from left to right instead of right to left. Why do other browsers display Arabic right but not Maxthon? sigh