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  1. OK. This second method work for me to. But "Clear history" is more elegant and faster
  2. I'll tell you with images my problem. I delete all history and clear data in browswer. But same poblem. I select the download manager. "Download" (See first image.) Then i see one invalid (deleted) file (WinUtilitiesPro.rar). (In hungarian: "Nem található") Then I click "Clear invalid", but the invalid file remain in list. "Clear all" and "Clear all histories and files" button working fine - except "Clear invalid" button.
  3. I use MX5 PC Beta release portable version. This is very good version.... But Download Manager option: "Clear History" is not working properly. "Celar Invalid" - NOTHING CLEAR, not working. It did not work in the earlier version. (Or only for me?) Other Clear options working well! Maybe it should be improved in the newer version.