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  1. Warning about tab overusing CPU

    Worth to add the following entries in the hosts file or block such addresses on the router:
  2. Change New Tab

    You can also edit the MxBrowser.dll file and change it, e.g. or another. I've described it in this thread "Maxthon with no quick access hack".
  3. Remove EU cookie warning

    Look here: Block EU Cookie Notices with Adblock
  4. Bug: can't reply on website ""

    There is a new version on the official website and in the changelog is: "Fixed the issue of can’t make a comment on mindorks website."
  5. Mx 5 and Flash Player MS Update

    I do not install flash player on the system. I'm downloading "NPAPI" NPSWF32 (Mx4), "PPAPI" pepflash (Mx5) files from this site Adobe Flash Player Portable and I'm replacing older ones. An example with a new version: Mx4: I copy NPSWF32_27_0_0_130.dll and plugin.vch (this replaces) files to the folder Maxthon\Core\Webkit\Npplugins and I delete the older .dll file Mx5: I rename the pepflashplayer32_27_0_0_130.dll file to pepflashplayer.dll and I replace the older file in Maxthon\Core\plugins Everything works flawlessly
  6. Maxthon with no quick access hack

    Just edit MXBrowser.dll in a hex editor and change the reference.
  7. Sooo do any MX5 skins exist?

    No, described as 3000 are for version. To newer versions Mx there no skins.
  8. Sooo do any MX5 skins exist?

    I packed these that I have on disk:!ZwojQRJC!AAAAAAAAAAClwYyTj5n48AAAAAAAAAAApcGMk4-Z-PA
  9. ViewPage 3

    WildwestGoh wrote why not packed " I only include it as zip because I need to modify the contents of the scripts from time to time if I ever feels like adding new features or fixing bugs for upcoming MX version upgrade, so I left it in a folder so updating makes easy"
  10. [Windows Add-Ons] Skins and Extensions Review Criteria

    @BugSir006 Heh, in that case you should also remove your answer above for @Tony, because the center skins for MX4 and MX5 does not exist.
  11. Updated User Agent

    @Magdalene Something wrong with this new UA. As shown on page Or rather, it's probably Maxthon wine.
  12. Sidebar Favorites

    Right click on File - Properties - beside "open with" click Change and select a file maxthon.exe
  13. Sidebar Favorites

    Just double click for this file. Maxthon install it.
  14. adguard

    Use this extension to add blocking rules (your own filters) to AdBlockPlus. . The same can be done using development tools. I know it's not the same thing as right click, but it helps.