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  1. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Ok, I didn't know which X you mean. And you're right, Maxthon warns you only when more than one card is open.
  2. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    That's why I wrote that you can block it. Then you will not be able to close it.
  3. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Can not you just block the first card?
  4. Unsafe script

    @BugSir006 I noticed that Maxthon blocks untrusted scripts. But it would be nice if in the window that was displayed it also showed the link to this script.
  5. I do not see the AdBlock icon in your Maxthon. Check in the settings, if you have, turn it on. If you do not have it, install it from here: Then go to the website: and open "Custom filters" in AdBlock. Paste the above rules into "Global rules" or "
  6. This site has a lot of unnecessary scripts. Insert the following rules into adblock and see what will happen: ||gemius.*^ ||cloudfront.*^$ ||krxd.*^ ||google-analytics.*^ ||hotjar.*^ ||^ ||gigya.*^ *banners* ||faktor.*^ ||googletagservices.*^ ||^$third-party .com/ad/$~image,third-party, ||^$third-party ||^$third-party /advertising-$|||||
  7. @radscorpion Maybe open the development tools (F12) and check in the console if there are any errors.
  8. print issue

    Rather not, I value my privacy and I do not allow remote access to my PC from outside of my network. I also use another, fully customizable browser (SlimJet), so I can use from this function. I use Maxthon a little from habit and a bit of sentiment
  9. print issue

    I have the same problem as @observer Options Cancel, Change or "Print using system dialog" not react to clicking.
  10. Do not allow to show notifications.
  11. Download manager

    It's good that blindness does not hurt Unchecking this option fixed my problem. Thanks @cris10an @Tony
  12. Download manager

    In previous versions of Mx, after clicking the download link you could edit the name of the file under which it will be saved. In the latest version, the download automatically starts without the option to select / change the name of the file. This can only be done if the download link is manually added. @BugSir006 Why?
  13. MX corrupts downloads

    I downloaded the same file using Maxthon and SlimJet and I already know what the problem is. If there is a link of the type:, Maxthon downloads the website instead of the target file, but it saves as a torrent file. There is no redirection to the file.
  14. MX corrupts downloads

    Confirmed too!
  15. Pop-up Blocker not working

    Probably because you have set "Allow all sites to show pop-ups" in the "Privacy & Content" settings. I have "Do not allow any site to show pop-ups" set.