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  1. where is

    @Tony Portable version: maxthon_portable_5.2.4.3000.7z
  2. Go to and select United States (English). In this way, the website is opens for me.
  3. v5.2.4.2000 really official ?

    I have a portable version and a beta is displayed.
  4. V, bad loading

    You can download from here:
  5. MX5 PC official Release

    If someone has a similar problem with downloading like @Tony, I put these files here: mx5.2.3.6000.exe and maxthon_portable_5.2.3.6000.7z
  6. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Oh sorry Tony, I did not notice it. I have corrected the link to version
  7. MX5 PC Beta Release

    I downloaded this version from this forum and it works well: 43,7 MB maxthon_portable_5.2.4.1200-beta.7z
  8. Uptobox website

    And here is the problem, because if you disable "secure URL scan" then Maxthon will not check the certificates I am not in China, so why should I have blocked websites by the Chinese regulator?
  9. Uptobox website

    For example this one: Maxthon SRWare Iron
  10. synchronization

    For me it displays all the time ( and it does not affect on the synchronization. As I wrote above, only the IP address I use has an impact on it.
  11. synchronization

    It works for me via VPN, but not for every IP address.
  12. ??? whats up with MX5 on youtube ???

    This is probably youtube's fault:
  13. I also have the message as above: JW Player Error 241403. For more information see https:
  14. Maxthon Browser Messy Codes

    And maybe uninstall Maxthon and keep Sophos, it will be safer
  15. V, bad loading

    From the official site, downloading for me is also correct: