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  1. Saved My Bacon (Citrix)

    After Apple upgraded the plugin security requirements in Safari 12, and as a result busted the Citrix plugin In a nutshell even with the latest Citrix Receiver (workspace) client, you can't launch certain Citrix sessions in the native workspace client on Safari 12 / MacOS Mojave As NPAPI support is also unavailable in other mainstream browsers, had no choice but to use Citrix in a browser tab via HTML5 (which doesn't work too well) Basically I had to install High Sierra on my machines as a workaround for this and prevent automatic updates so the browser version was kept at 11 However today, I discovered Maxthon 5 for macOS... OMG... ...navigated to the Citrix site which only worked within Safari 11 which allows plugins and boom... it launched the Citrix Workspace app!!!!!! and within Mojave! So stoked I am curious as to how this worked in Maxthon and not other browsers, but hey, that's another post discussion