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  1. I notice that if I try to access Wikipedia at the default settings in Maxthon I get the following message "Error code 100 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED)" and the page does not open. The workaround solution that I found is to use the switch core setting to IE (the default works). inro.in/watch-movies-online/ inro.in/cyberghost/ inro.in/expressvpn/ Is this a known issue with the particular website????
  2. Hello everyone,, As the tittle said, I have been using the mining version https://inro.in/gotomeeting/ on mobile since they introduced https://inro.in/irfanview/ the livesone coin. But they don't have adblock built in then like older https://inro.in/town-of-salem/ maxthon browser (mobile).Anyone know how to make adblock work on mining version (mobile)? ????