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  1. last session opening I found solution to my problem.It's called Vivaldi. It's restore itself like other browsers do,so I don't need to use Maxthon anymore. Sorry for bothering you, community.
  2. last session opening

    Ok so now we understand each other the question still is,why Maxthon is unable restor itself to previous state like other browsers are after process killing? Killing browser processes works.It works on all browsers but Maxthon,It's solutions for problem with opening last session and user needs.What is normal and what is not it;s only matter of perception.
  3. last session opening

    Read my previous post.
  4. last session opening

    Ok let's go again,even slower. I'm using several browser at the time for several purposes. e.g. thru opera I ran web app to concuct my bussines 5 windows 3-4 tabs each.Chrome for reaserches I need to do what I do for leaving.Several windows for the time with several tabs.Firefox for som general reading news, internet banking etc.Tor for some different tasks. I don't like to close my browsers only if necessary I wanted to use Maxthon for similar purposes and as my default browser,because eg I have blocked flash in my browsers,but sometimes you need it.So that's what would maxton will be and some other browsing,but when I shut Maxthon,I want to restore it in same condition. When I want to shut down aby browser,I usually do it thru process explorer and when i'll open it,it always ask me,if I want to restore it and it'll restor itself.Works with chrome,opera,tor,firefox all windows and tabs. Only Maxthon will not restore windows.but all tabs in one windows. Got it??? Of course if I'll close eg chrome one window after another,next time it will open only last configuration. So again my question.Is there way,or addon,so Maxthon could restore all windows with tabs from last session?
  5. last session opening

    I don't know if we don't understand each other,so I'll try ti explain closer. I'm doing some research a I have open let's say 5 windows with 5 tabs each.I'm going to shut down PC or quit for day,so I can continue next day,where I left off.So I'll shut down Maxthon a with my 5 windows and 25 tabs.When I'll reopen Maxthom wow,look ma' it's magic )). Four windows are gone and I have 25 tabs mixed in one window.Now please explain to my,what is likeable on situation like this?I don't get it. So my question is again: Is Maxthon able to reopen last session exactly how it was closed (same windows,same tabs),same way like other browser can do it or no???
  6. last session opening

    And last session does not mean all opened tabs??? Why maxthon has to put all opened tabs from last time to one windows?It os ridiculos.If opera,firefox,chrome are able to open last session exactly how it was,with all opened tabs,is there way in Maxthon to do it?Otherwise it's unfortunately worhless browser for me.
  7. Hello maxthon community. Can you help solve my problem? Each time I reopen my last session,great Maxthon browser put all my previous tabs from several windows in to one single window with all tabs.It is really annoying.I never seen feature like this with another browsers. Is there any way arround this Maxthon speciality?