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  1. Seriously. I am blown away. It is super fast. Its pre-built with a light ad blocker, resource sniffer, active performance monitors, and best of all mouse gestures. the only problem I have is that RES is not available for it. But my question is serious, why do so little people use it? It is front page on and even CNET gives it a great score. Why doesn't anyone use it?
  2. I need some help. Vine videos on twitter don't play, now all videos won't play. The problem is only on
  3. So I have been using this Browser for I think 2 or 3 years and love it, I can never leave it for any other. Yesterday for some reason it was becoming less and less responsive and started to freeze and new page wouldn't load. This lead to the computer freezing somehow... Now that eventually grew into bigger problems but after several hours all seems well. I reinstalled the browser and it turned out for months (If not nearly a year) I was getting no updates. Download Maxthon 5 and Everything is working again and love this once more. The computer said there were Disk Errors it was fixing. But how did they just suddenly come about? Bad coincidence I garuntee but I want to be sure by asking you who know far more about the browser and it's history than I do. The last one I had was from nearly a year ago with no updates (It stopped giving me notifications about them). I am also using Windows 10 which from doing my own research people have said had similar problems to mine. Like I said everything is working now but I want to stop this from ever happening again if possible. So any help would be great. Thanks. VidMate AnyDesk
  4. hey guys the tear off feature on maxthon has dissapeared, ive tried reinstalling, installing different extensions for youtube and making a new maxthon account, plz help i really love this feature and would love to get it back.Rightmove Kijiji Quizlet
  5. Maxthon and Netflix

    I am unable to play Netflix via Maxthon. I'm running This has been happening for a rather long time, Netflix home page will load but when I click play on any particular show/movie it will redirect me to a compatability page. If I run the browser in Retro it will play just audio and the screen is black. I've tried logging out of my maxthon account and tried running the browser as admin. Any know a fix?Kodi TutuApp AppValley
  6. As the tittle said, I have been using the mining version on mobile since they introduced the livesone coin. But they don't have adblock built in then like older maxthon browser (mobile). Anyone know how to make adblock work on mining version (mobile)?UC browser SHAREit MX player
  7. I have Maxthon v1.0.0.10_i386 currently installed on my Linux machine, but every time I try to launch it I receive an error: Has anyone encountered this before for Maxthon browser, and how do I go about fixing this issue?
  8. Hi, so my today's issue is: when I want to change a folder to which I want to add site pic1, after folder name's has been clicked notification disappears pic2. Yeah, I know I can add to that folder then change destination but still is looks like a bug
  9. Hi! since the last update going fullscreen on youtube on a lowend laptop reproduces the video with half the fps it should, does anyone knows a way to fix this? its unnoticeable on my main rig but its a pain in my E-350 amd apu laptop.Rufus MapQuest UpToDate
  10. I want malayalam and hindi language in Maxthon Browser. AkinatorXender Kik
  11. Whenever I search for something normally and then click on images I get the following error: "We're sorry. We were unable to access the page that you requested. Some suggestions: Check the spelling of the page address you are trying to reach. Try accessing the page you are looking for from the Google Custom Search homepage. If this problem continues, the page you are trying to reach may be unavailable. Go back to the previous page." The url also reads " " whatever I was searching for. It does not do this on any other browser that I currently use. Also, images do not show up on the initial search page like they used to. Anyone know what this is about?
  12. Has anyone managed to get gestures to work on the Maxthon app with default gestures or Advanced Gesture app that is supposed to work with it? I can't find any information on using this feature or get it to work.
  13. Suggestion for pushbullet extension

    I know maxthon has cloud push but I would really love a pushbullet extension. I have pushbullet on all my devices and it works really well. I've used pushbullet ext/addons on firefox and chrome and loved it. Please bring it to Maxthon. VidMate AnyDesk
  14. So today when I opened Maxthon 5 I noticed the background to my favourites page changed on its own but what ever. Later I found half my favourite's folders do not open but instead open one of the ones that work stopping me from getting to my save links. One of them has even change the tittle to what I think is Chinese. The only way to open to the links in there now is to right click and open every single one all at once and close the ones I do not want... Why is it so broken all of the sudden? Is there a simple fix? Or do I have to reinstall the browser and hope that solves it?
  15. the gif/video site. Whenever I am redirected to their site all that comes up is a single frame. I have to drag&drop the url into another broswer in order to see the video. Also, this sub is really dead huh? I saw when I came to post this that I was the last one to post something, over a month ago. I received no replies to that post and am probably wasting my time posting this, but I've gone this far already. Hopefully this sub picks up. Although it does have faults, Maxthon is a comparatively awesome here download link click here
  16. As the tittle said, I have been using the mining version on mobile since they introduced the livesone coin. But they don't have adblock built in then like older maxthon browser (mobile).Anyone know how to make adblock work on mining version (mobile)?download link click here