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  1. I use the same proxy which is used for IE (also installed on my PC). I definitely have unique issues as it turns out. EDIT: I spoke too soon. I amended the User Agent setting to "Maxthon" (I had changed it to "Internet Explorer" a few days ago) and now the website opens for me!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. It works for me too on Internet Explorer. Again, as mentioned in a previous thread, it might be due to a firewall restriction. Perhaps I should stop reporting these problems. They only seem to apply to me...
  3. Maxthon is not allowed to access the above site (Maxthon portable v.5. 2.4.2000). Message: "The owner of this website ( has banned your access based on your browser's signature".
  4. Many thanks for the assistance. I can install your addon by downloading it from the link that you gave me. So, the problem is that something prevents me from downloading extensions from inside Maxthon's Addons page. I suppose a workaround for the future would be to download them manually as was done with your addon. As an update, I can manually enable the extensions that I downloaded or had transferred from the portable installation that was copied to my PC. So, that problem is solved.
  5. Thank you for the advice. I'm guessing that it's a firewall issue preventing the downloading of the extensions. I cannot however account for the fact that it was possible with the previous Maxthon version. Maybe it was something exceptional or something that was adjusted since then. EDIT: Is there a way to download an extension manually (instead of the normal Maxthon interface) and then add it to the relevant Maxthon directory?
  6. Thanks, I understand. It's what I did. I'll try once more to install the latest portable version from the beginning. EDIT: I installed portable Maxthon on a different PC, added extensions to it and copied everything to an other PC. Maxthon runs on the second PC, the extensions are shown in Settings, but they are greyed out (unusable) and I cannot install any other ones.
  7. Please note that I had installed v.
  8. Thank you for the comment. I normally start the browser by running Maxthon.exe. Upon installation and first run I chose to skip registration. I did this with both versions, so there is no difference there. The difference is that while having both the previous and the current (portable) version on the same PC, the older version allowed the installation of extensions, but the new one doesn't. What is the guest mode? I could try reinstalling the newer version from scratch and testing it again.
  9. Thanks. I'll try your suggestion. EDIT: I tried it, but it didn't work. The install dialog does not complete. After a couple of minutes a message comes up to try reinstalling.
  10. I installed Maxthon Portable v. and it appears that I solved the problem with the default browser settings which i mentioned in another posting. However, with this version I cannot install any Addons (Extensions). The downloading process starts but never ends. I tried doing the same with Maxthon (portable) version and it works fine. Is there a way to transfer my extensions from v. to v.
  11. I installed portable Maxthon on a friend's PC and it does have the two check boxes. I must conclude that the first installation that I did didn't go right and I ended up with only the one check box.
  12. Hmm... Same here. Anyway, I solved the problem by the most direct way possible. I changed the default browser setting in Internet Explorer and everything is fine now.
  13. I run portable Maxthon on a PC that also has IE 11. I changed the default browser setting to Maxthon, but now I cannot reverse it! The entry in Maxthon's settings is greyed out and resetting everything to default does not correct this setting. IE runs on this PC with certain restrictions and I cannot make IE the default browser through its own settings. I would appreciate any ideas on how to revert to IE being the default browser.
  14. Problem accessing Wikipedia?

    I'm sorry, this is not possible from my location.
  15. Problem accessing Wikipedia?

    I changed the UserData to UserData1, but with no success.