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  1. Font size

    Hi, http://prntscr.com/k68qqo like this it looks in maxthon (it's this in chrome: http://prntscr.com/k68r10 ) as you can see some are very hard to read...isnt there any way to fix this? Some letters are just showed ''half''
  2. Font size

    Hi, is there a way to change the font size in maxthon 5? They are very small the fonts and I would love to find a way to make them bigger. Regards
  3. Font size

    Hi mate, thank you for that help. However I will show you my issue http://prntscr.com/k5qhwh google chrome http://prntscr.com/k5qhiw maxthon Here you see the difference. They are barely readble in Maxthon, can I fix this somehow? Regards
  4. Font size

    The thing is, everything is fine. Just some fonts are too small and not readable, but seems then there is no way to fix that for the moment?
  5. Maxthon Fonts

    Hi, I have installed the new version and ALOT fonts on my pc. Now I see fonts but they seem a bit weird now. Any idea to fix it? I'm so close now to fix it. Thankyou ALL already for the help. Regards http://prntscr.com/k1o6q6
  6. Maxthon Fonts

    Hi there, I'm new to Maxthon but I have some issues regarding the fonts... I play a browser game and always used Google Chrome and I always saw all fonts. I recently changed to Maxthon and it works smoother, however, the fonts became squares some of them and I have no idea how to change them... I tried in the Encodings some stuff but didn't work. I hope someone can help me out how to fix this. Thank you in advance
  7. Hi guys, I had issues with the fonts in maxthon, they were squares in the new version. In the old version I see them correctly, now my question: How can I have the same fonts in the newer browser? Or whats the difference between it. Regards, hope someone can help me out.
  8. Maxthon Fonts

    Sure, do you also know what is the font difference between the old and newer version of Maxton? Regards
  9. Maxthon Fonts

    Thank you. What is the difference then between the older version and the newer as in fonts? I see the fonts on the old one but not in the new. Regards
  10. Maxthon Fonts

    I have installed the version of Maxthon 2012, Here I see the fonts (which is strange..) I have another issue:http://prntscr.com/jyji8u Is it possible to seperate those and have them in different windows? I can't do it somehow and I'm trying to seperate those but I can't. Hope you can help me a last time. Regards
  11. Maxthon Fonts

    I can read it properly (not a square) on my laptop. I have upgraded my desktop to Windows 10 now too, but still have the issue. How can I find which font is being used in the laptop? Regards
  12. Maxthon Fonts

    This Ɲ¤S is an example, there are users which use a lot more different fonts and are surely not 1 same language probably over 25 different ones.. However I know users who use maxthon there aswell, but they see all the fonts. And I don't see why I wouldn't see them using maxthon Someone told me to change the character encoding or something from my flash player Someone told me it has something to do with my PC but then yet I do not understand it.. I hope you can still help me out, Thank you for the help already. Regards [EDIT: I have installed maxthon on my laptop, and here I can see the fonts, this means it has something to do with my PC right? (My laptop is windows 10, my PC windows 8)]
  13. Maxthon Fonts

    Yes, I have it like this
  14. Maxthon Fonts

    Hi, thank you for the help. However it didn't help. The game I play is http://seafight.com it's using an UTF-8 Language (I believe as Im not an expert in this kind of stuff) I have no idea to be honest, I use the default as I believe it is UTF-8 aswell just using an azerty keyboard on default settings too. The game I play is http://seafight.com it's using an UTF-8 Language (I believe as Im not an expert in this kind of stuff) Maybe you guys coud check it out yourself on their page. http://prntscr.com/jwphlk Look at the yellow text, the ''Ɲ¤S'' This is a screenshot using Google Chrome. http://prntscr.com/jwpi7y Look at the yellow text, the ''Ɲ¤S'' again, it became a square (the N) This is a screenshot using Maxthon. Hope any of you find a solution, Thank you for the help already. Regards