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  1. I apologize for putting this here but I cannot comment on the news page SO... I just downloaded Maxthon and now practically every site I visit tells me it has an expired certificate. While it is great I can now bypass the notification to get to sites I was previously locked out, of now every site has expired certificates. There may be other issues but I had to switch to the previous version for now. Just thought I'd post this. Again I apologize for posting this topic here.
  2. Maxthon

    At this time I cannot post a screen shot however I am NOT using passport. All I know is that many of the sites (not all of them) I that I could readily access with the previous browser now gives me the "Expired Certificate" window. Again..I really appreciate that you fixed this issue however it is..ummm...too fixed? Other than that the works nice. Look forward to the release of final version.