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  1. Maxthon Issues

    Yes. I am aware that XP is "old" but not all of us can afford to upgrade or get a new computer and the latest WIndows version is too unreliable to trust. Linux has proven itself to be almost as unreliable too so I have to find a OS that I can use without wrrying about my system being messed up. What I find odd is why the same sites that I am using with AND XP work but in the newer version won't using the same OS. It's not like these sites have some weird alien code. Anyways...maybe I have to stay with this version and give up on any updates for Maxthon.
  2. I am right now attempting to use Maxthon and I noticed, so far, a few things. for example I go to a pet adoptable site called "Egg Cave" and I noticed that when I log on and go to my "cove" (here the pets are) the images won't load and it I click on the spot where the image is...certain aspects of that page won't load (such s the 'feed creature' button). This may seem silly to you but when one wants to interact on a site, it is kinda nice to be able to actually have images and perhaps other usable aspects load. I then just tried going to a different site in a new window and just as I typed in a URL and hit "Enter" Maxthon had to close because of a "Fatal Error" but I don't know what that is yet. I am sure there are more 'surprises' and I am really regretful to sat that until we have a version that works on a usable level, I will stick with the older version of as that has been working the best the newer versions simply do not function as well as that one. Thank you Currently I use Windows XP Service Pack 3 (Which is why I started using Maxthon after ditching FireFox)
  3. Maxthon Issues

    Tried it..still doesn't work. It's ok though..the version I am using works well enough without switching cores or altering codes so..I am just going to wait until the next version is released and hope it will work as it should. Thanks for the help though..it is much appreciated.
  4. Maxthon Issues

    None of the pages work in IE.... I also do not know what you mean by changing my "User Agent". I am just a regular Guest user on Maxthon, there is nothing I need that requires a log in. Also I had been using version with no problems and I did not need to "switch cores"to view web pages but the new versions do not function the way they should. Sorry...I know the Maxthon Team is working hard but they had a good thing going until they decided to make changes....for example all they had to do when a page gave "expired certificate" (or something) message, all they had to do was either give you a "load anyway" button or in the settings let you adjust that yourself especially when you were able to view the same pages in earlier versions. I am just going to stick with version until things get ironed out. I use portable versions so I can quickly eliminate problem browsers and I tire of downloading and extracting new Maxthon versions only to discover that they have issues that the older ones never had. Anyways..thank you for replying, I do appreciate it.