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  1. Get Up MAXTHON !

    I excitedly downloaded Maxthon but was horribly disappointed in the graphical errors such as poor quality in YouTube videos; I never had this issue with the earlier Maxthon version before this one...another being notable lines visible when I played certain games online too. There are other issues but one reason I used Maxthon is because it is one of the few browsers I can use on Windows XP (seriously, I just cannot afford to update/upgrade my computer for the foreseeable future) but with the lack of extension variety especially when it comes to ad-blockers and a poorly designed extension site and lack development, I really don't want to have to abandon Maxthon as I like to use a couple depending on the situation. At any rate I really would like to see a stable version of Maxthon being deployed, I like using it as a portable (standalone) browser and I do like it overall but..well, I just would like to see the next release be more stable and usable. I am not a software or web developer nor am I particularily technically minded but I don't really think it is that much to ask that the basic functions be reliable nor do I think it too much to ask that we have a choice in usable extensions on a site that is organized better. Anyways..I still like Maxthon but I was a bit disappointed in the version
  2. Other blockers besides Adblock Plus

    Sorry for the late reply. Yes, AdBlock is enabled but the reason I asked is previously it would black ads automatically and now on some sites I see ads where there weren't any before but if I have to specify on a site to actually block ads then that's what I shall do. Thanks Edited: All the settings for ABP are as they should be so I suspect that some sites changed their coding to bypass ad-blockers.
  3. Hello Are there, perhaps, other adblockers besides Adblock Plus? ABP is nice but I have noticed that, after using the portable version of, it is not working as nicely as it used to and am seeing more ads appearing after installing ABP. I didn't change any settings on the add-on either, just installed and went on my merry way. Thanks