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  1. Umm...what? Heh, I do not understand the personal certificate thing. (or the other one for that matter). I am not using a beta version of Maxthon but I am able to access other sites that have the HTTPS but there are spare others that I cannot access; I get this message along with the "Invalid Certificate" page. Error code 113 (net::ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH) So...how do I fix this? P.S: I am not a programmer so I am not well versed on the technical aspect of all this. In other words don't get too complex with explanations....
  2. There are a few websites I tried to access but couldn't because of a supposed "Invalid Certificate" and I am not sure how to get past that. I can access them on another browser but don't necessarily want to have to keep opening another browser just to view a site so..what are some ways we can rectify this issue? Thank You
  3. Hello

    Hello. I am a relatively new user to Maxthon. I started using it about a month ago thereabouts because my other browsers, while they worked ok, did not function well on certain sites. You see, I still use Windows XP and have no plans to change my O.S (Operating System). At least not to another windows system and some of the other systems do not seem to secure. That said, I find that Maxthon lets me do little things like view videos aside from YouTube ones that my other browser wouldn't play; so far Maxthon has been pretty good. Still trying to figure out how to override the certificate thing but other than that, a pretty good browser. Wanted to add that so far this browser seems secure and stable. To avoid issues I am using the portable version because uninstalling stuff can be a pain especially when you have to search your computer for leftovers. Anywhoo I ramble....nice browser.