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  1. A farewell from a loyal user...

    This is rather disheartening as I kinda liked Maxthon as it worked well especially since I still use XP (before I get a lecture, I cannot afford to buy new software or a new computer). Sure, there were a few things that were a bit buggy like the laggy start of YouTube videos or the total lack of alternative ad blockers or the lack of extensions...or the incredibly long time Maxthon takes to load (I use the portable version) But it was fairly decent. Sadly I had to go to another browser which is far more user friendly and customizeable while still offering some add ons and alternatives to adblockers rather than being forced to rely on just one. (lack of themes, personas and other extensions kinda got a bit dismaying too) Maxthon was good while it lasted but it is sad to see the project was abandoned...maybe things will change and if not, I lend thanks to those involved in the project.
  2. New version of maxthon ??

    I used to use Maxthon (or something) and I liked it but there were things I was getting tired of such as the certificate thing and the video playback on youtube always started out a tad..choppy. I use a browser that is a off-shoot of Palemoon (MyPalemoon) because it works on XP (can't afford a new operating system) and I like the interface a bit better. Also..Palemoon starts up quicker and doesn't leave behind so many files behind. I'd hate to see the Maxthon project die because it is one of the few browsers that work for those of us who cannot afford the luxury of buying a new operating system or computer, for that matter.
  3. Other blockers besides Adblock Plus

    Sorry for the late reply. Yes, AdBlock is enabled but the reason I asked is previously it would black ads automatically and now on some sites I see ads where there weren't any before but if I have to specify on a site to actually block ads then that's what I shall do. Thanks Edited: All the settings for ABP are as they should be so I suspect that some sites changed their coding to bypass ad-blockers.
  4. Hello Are there, perhaps, other adblockers besides Adblock Plus? ABP is nice but I have noticed that, after using the portable version of, it is not working as nicely as it used to and am seeing more ads appearing after installing ABP. I didn't change any settings on the add-on either, just installed and went on my merry way. Thanks