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  1. Re-enable AdBlock?

    You must have a different version of Maxthon ( I have version because there was nothing like that on my toolbar and even when I went into settings, then into Adblock and ticked the "Enable AdBlock Plus" in the AdBlock Plus Options..it still didn't work. See..when I originally disabled it I clicked ont he AdBlock Plus icon then clicked "Disable" with the idea that I could just re-enable it again but I couldn't because once I disabled it, the icon disappeared and when I went into the settings and into 'Functions and Addons -where AdBlock Plus was- and tried to re-enable it..nothing happened. I went to the Maxthon extension page to try and reinstall it nothing happened. Sure, it told me I could update or reinstall but I had no options to do that so I had to start over and re-extract a downloaded file of Maxthon and set everything back up again. Thanks though for the reply.
  2. All dead?

    Great..glad to hear that..still would like to have my post answered. After 23 hours I am sure someone has an answer if not then I just have to re-extract Maxthon from the zip file I downloaded earlier and remember NOT to disable AdBlock
  3. How do I re-enable AdBlock Plus? I had to disable it but when I go to the setting and go to addons to re-enable AdBlock..the icon doesn't show in the toolbar and ads are not being blocked. I go to AdBlocks Options and it shows that teh box for "Enable AdBlock Plus" is checked but it is not functional.
  4. Other blockers besides Adblock Plus

    Sorry for the late reply. Yes, AdBlock is enabled but the reason I asked is previously it would black ads automatically and now on some sites I see ads where there weren't any before but if I have to specify on a site to actually block ads then that's what I shall do. Thanks Edited: All the settings for ABP are as they should be so I suspect that some sites changed their coding to bypass ad-blockers.
  5. Hello Are there, perhaps, other adblockers besides Adblock Plus? ABP is nice but I have noticed that, after using the portable version of, it is not working as nicely as it used to and am seeing more ads appearing after installing ABP. I didn't change any settings on the add-on either, just installed and went on my merry way. Thanks