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  1. The problem of IE automation start Maxthon browser wrongly is still unresolved. It should fire up Microsft Internet Explorer instead.
  2. Maybe Maxthon cannot get enough memory so that it exits. Sometimes I do open a lot of tabs with both opera and chrome browsers. They are eating lot of memory so even my own application sometimes cry for crash. This is typically what I shell out to a command line from my vb application now. C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\Bin\Maxthon.exe www.hotmail.com
  3. If I fire it up via command line, there may be no maxthon browser open at the time. That is a bug. But I can open one manually so that it will not exit.
  4. Found why command line does not work as my application make a wrong call to C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\Bin\MxStart.exe But if you call directly to maxthon.exe, sometimes the browser will quit if there is no tab available yet.
  5. The command line do not work again... After resetting the default app settings such as default browser etc in Windows, may be.
  6. After testing with uninstall of MX5, install of MX4 and resintall MX5, the opening of url using the command line now works and its append a new tab or launch the maxthon browser. // About the IE automation please also my post to stackoverflow. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50046226/ie-automation-wrongly-point-to-maxthon-browser IE automation is the control of IE browser from a Microsoft development product such as visual basic 6. It seems to wrongly launch the maxthon browser (as Maxthon seem have said that it has IE rendering???). In additional, it is very slow so my application always display a busy message box. Maxthon may have written some wrong registry settings to IE registry settings. Although there is new development using edge browser for automation, IE still have a syntax easier to use. IE is set as the default browser app in Window 10.
  7. There is similar situation happened before. Anyone know how to fix now for MX5? https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/askie/2009/03/24/internet-explorer-may-fail-to-open-hyperlinks-with-maxthon-browser-installed-on-vista-and-later-with-uac-enabled/
  8. Before MX5, I can start maxthon (or run another instance on a new tab) using a command line like "maxthon https:\www.yahoo.com". But this no longer works. What is the parameters to run this? Also, I find that IE automation on Window 10 no longer works with original internet explorer browser. It launch Maxthon. This is NOT what I want. How can I fix that? Thanks
  9. hi