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  1. Thanks! But I think they mean a problem with first example link page only, not with this channel. Because yesterday first URL working on all browser except latest MX 5.2 and 5.3. And because secont URL work fine now, exactly except latest MX. But let's see how it will be later.
  2. Galileusz, they modified page. On screenshot not earthTV. I found another URL: https://frontend.vh.yandex.ru/player/4d221c43eeb6e0b29cd7f1e8cc18de90?from=ya-tv-in-page and edited first post. Maybe problem on a Yandex side? But why it play on mx5.2.0.1200? On the latest link MS Edge play stream too.
  3. For example: earthTV https://yandex.ru/portal/tvstream?from=streamhandler_other&stream_channel=1899 or https://frontend.vh.yandex.ru/player/4d221c43eeb6e0b29cd7f1e8cc18de90?from=ya-tv-in-page Widevine plugin in \Core\plugins folder present and alowed. This Stream play fine on MX or on curent Google Chrome.