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  1. well i cleared cache before, and only extension i have is ABP (nothing changes if i turn it off) checked this option: Always use Ultra Mode (Some websites might be displayed incorrectly) as it was off before, and testing, we'll see...
  2. I think it 1st happened on last friday, when i tried to access youtube it was just reloading few times until i got this message: this is from other page but the error was the same, reloading didn't do much, when i used "switch engine" youtube loaded finally but a) i can't use chats on streams, as it says i have old browser and need to update (at this point i installed b) i can't search anything on youtube as it'll produce this error after hitting enter (neither of those problems exist on other browsers i have) so any other page that crash while loading usually have embeded YT videos, and sometimes the "switch engine" button works, but usually the page is all screwed up (tables, pics, vids etc. are not in places they should be) for example page is working after "switch engine" and is looking like that: when it should look like this (edge) tried disabling adblock (which i think stopped working anyway after "switch engine") and it didn't change anything so i think the problem is either in youtube or google ads any ideas?
  3. hello,

    hey, and umm... well, can i have my account activated please :]