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  1. Re-Hi

    i am sorry to bother you. i was just trying to follow the rules and don't ask for assistance in the presentation message. But after more than 24 hours the first one wasn't accepted yet, so i try to contact someone for the abiltation. And then, again, i just rewrite the presentation message without questions, alwayse for follow the rules, but if you insiste i can tell you here. I start using maxthon a couple months ago, expecially for the streaming and i found it perfcts, expecially for the pop-up option. But are a couple week that the streaming starting to overcharge the cpu. In the moment a open the window the cpu start to jump 30% 80% and the fan go crazy. In the moment a close it, immediatelly go down. I recently formatted the pc, like 5-6 days ago and still the issues remain. P.S it does not happen with other browsers
  2. Re-Hi

    HI XD Again XD hoping this time it will be approved XD I am sorry but my english is really bad, i hope we can understand each other anyway XD
  3. hi, i have write my first message more than 20 h ago and i still waiting the approval. There is a problem? I'm having some issue with maxthon, i would ask for help. thanks

    1. No.1MaxthonFan


      You posted in the wrong place.  You need to post here: