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  1. Well, for vcenter I don't mind that I have to enter username/password. Biggest problem is an intranet site. It's heavily used by my colleagues and everytime it needs their active directory credentials. No one else having problems with SSO in Maxthon?
  2. Can you tell me what settings you use to accomplish this? " Use Windows session authentication " is greyed out on my vcenter login. With Firefox I have to explicitly tell Firefox on which sites it can use SSO (network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris).
  3. Hi, We have an internal website where people have to log in with their active directory account. With IE and Firefox it's possible to activate SSO (Single Sign On), so the credentials from the logged on user are send to the website. Is SSO also possible with Maxthon?
  4. Hi all!

  5. Hi all!

    So when will my account be approved, so I can start asking questions?
  6. Hi all!

    Hi all, Using Maxthon since 01-12-2017. To be 100% honest this topic is created only to get permission to create topics in other categories.