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  1. QA page not working

    Found a workaround to get it working again, only don't know why it starts working again! I rename my settings folder Start Maxthon to get new settings and check if I have the default QA page. Close Maxthon Copy QaConfig.dat from old settings to new settings Start Maxthon and go to QA page: Maxthon refreshes the thumbnails of my shortcuts Close Maxthon Remove new settings folder Rename old settings folder to original name Start Maxthon: QA page is working now So at the end I'm using the same settings folder, but now the QA page is working.
  2. QA page not working

    When first starting Maxthon I got the default ones. I changed the default ones to something more appropiate and changed some other settings (like proxy). Then I copied these settings to some other users. Everything was working fine, until about a week ago. Now we get a blank page and when you wait long enough you get the screen as shown in the topic start. When I delete my settings and start 'fresh', I get the default ones.
  3. QA page not working

    So guest mode should store the quick acces buttons locally? Then why aren't they loading and do I see ?
  4. QA page not working

    The shortcuts you make are stored on servers from Maxthon? Does this mean that you need a Maxthon passport account? I'm using the portable version and want to store everything locally So I shouldn't use quick access, but only bookmarks?
  5. When I click the button to open a new tab, I should get a page with my favorites. Now I get a blank page and after a while I get a page referring to (see attachment) Anyone has the same problem and know a solution?