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  1. Uhhhh...

    That worked!!! I didn't have an account so, went and made one, fixed the problem! All my saved pages are gone now!!!!! But if anyone eles has this problem, hope they find this!!!!
  2. Uhhhh...

    I'm not using a passport, at least I don't think so(I don't know how to check that). Thanks for a fast reply tho!
  3. Uhhhh...

    Well, first of all, I guess im posting in here? I could only select newcomer xD But actully, my problem is that anytime i go to a non-maxthon support/homepage and netflix for some reason, url. My screen will go into a dark tint, not the tabs, hotbars or the bottom bar. It isn't night mode, i'm not sure what is happening, it just randomly happened. This is very annoying, if anyone has any idea what is happeneing I would be amazed and happy to see a solution! It used to look like this: But now looks like this???: Help would be amaziinggg!!!!