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  1. Huge Youtube issue

    I did clear the cache yesterday, just now I did "remove the last sessions" thing, don't know if it did something but youtube is now working. Thanks a lot for your time and for helping me Now I'm back on using Youtube on this wonderdul website!
  2. Huge Youtube issue

    You did find something ! I logged off, and it's working on guest mode. So, do you think that it can somehow be an issue with my account? Here is the blank page. I can see that it's loading in the beginning, then I have the "over" message at the bottom, it's like it's quitting the loading in the middle.
  3. Huge Youtube issue

    I'm using the last version of Maxthon. The problem is the same on ultra mode and retro mode, with all the extentions disabled or all enabled.
  4. Hello everyone! First, thanks to everyone who will read this and will consider helping me! So, I do have a huge issue with Youtube since yesterday, I do use Maxthon since several weeks now and everything was totally fine with Youtube and all the others website; But yesterday, I was watching a video when the internet page went blank. I tried to reload the page a lot of times. Then I closed Maxthon, and when I opened it again I had a message on Youtube telling me that my website cannot run Youtube. Now I don't get this message anymore but I'm still unable to get Youtube. A strange fact is that I can still perfectly watch Youtube videos on Facebook or Twitter. Again, this happened in two seconds, nothing changed, no upgrade, no extensions or anything, all it's the same now than yesterday. I tried to disable Violentmonkey and the others extensions, nothing change. I'm totally lost. Thanks a lot for your help, and have a nice day.
  5. Hello everyone

    Hello users of Maxthon! Hello from France! I'm using Maxthon since several weeks now and I love it, this is really a great browser full of great ideas. Congrats to all the devs and thanks for the upgrades