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  1. Private mode, is it private?

    Whoops! I just pinned a Maxthon icon to the taskbar, and I notice that incognito windows do show that avatar in the taskbar but nowhere else. That works for me.
  2. Private mode, is it private?

    Thanks, Bugsir, but it does not appear on my PC screen. The private window looks identical to the normal screen. Well, almost. I just noticed that the Maxnote avatar at the top right does not appear on the private window. Other than that, I see no difference at all.
  3. Switch core

    Live and learn. Thanks.
  4. Switch core

    Thanks. Why would one want to do that?
  5. Switch core

    What, pray tell, does the "Switch Core" thing do? Thanks.
  6. Private mode, is it private?

    Not entirely true. I noticed later that it is not remembered in History.
  7. Hi, back here again after a year in the wilderness using other browsers. Question: When I click on "private window," another window does open, but it does not indicate in any way that it is a private, i.e. incognito, window. It looks like the regular window. All other browsers have some little thing indicating it's incognito. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.