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  1. Autosave on Passkeeper

    Excellent. Thanks. Have a great 2018.
  2. When you type a password into a website, Passkeeper (usually) offers to save it, never save it or ignore it for now. If you click never save it, is there a way to cancel that order later? Thanks in advance.
  3. Weirdo icon on bookmarks

    Thanks, but I think I'll just have to live with all those little blue circles with the E inside. The bookmarks also have the website name, so no problem.
  4. Weirdo icon on bookmarks

    Okay, running as admin, tried to update the icons again, but still no dice. Let's just let it sit. It's only an aesthetic issue. And perhaps in time, it will straighten itself out. Stuff happens. Thanks anyway.
  5. Weirdo icon on bookmarks

    Thanks, but again, I do I do that? I meant, of course, how do I do that?
  6. Weirdo icon on bookmarks

    I followed your lead, clicked on the thing to update site icons. A "Favicon update" box opened. I clicked "start" and after more than five minutes it hasn't done anything. There's a progress bar, and it's sitting still at 0/169. Another other options?
  7. Weirdo icon on bookmarks

    Thanks, Tony, but where do I do that? I use the latest version of Maxthon. Plus, I don't know what tick box means.
  8. Two days back, all my bookmarks, every one of them, is now preceded by a Microsoft Internet Explorer icon, the big blue E. What's up with that? Thanks.