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  1. I cannot post yet in the Support forum, so I am posting here and hope someone sees it and gives me a work around. I just upgraded a prior version of the Maxthon browser to MX5.1.4000, because the existing version stopped working. Now while running it from a user account without Admin privledges, MX5 asks me to allow it to make changes on my computer. Well, this is exactly why I use a regular user account for day to day work. Hell, no. I don't want to store passwords or put my favorites in the cloud either. Talk about security risks. The previous version of MX, asked for access once on startup. A simple no, the program would run with no more bother. MX5.1 now asks to make changes frequently, even if I reject this box. I now have five bothersome boxes blinking at me and popping up over my work. Its more than annoying. Please tell me how I can stop this MX5 behavior. I like to use MX for its tools, but I cannot use it this way.