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  1. Hi all, tyvm for this beautiful Browser, i use this browser for work because in some website is better of all the others! ^_^ TY! (I use WinXP for work and work very good in this SO!! tyvm) I use also the VPN (sometimes) and i disable always the WebRTC or will show my real IP (also i change the fingerprint info, clear all and change the head info) this browser is advanced and have all this feature in standard version without plugins, very good! For disable the WebRTC on FF u can desable the option in setup in about:config, for Chrome u need of use the plugin "WebRTC Network Limiter", but for this browser i don't see how disable it.. I've founded a old thread in this forum of 2014, but no solution, so i ask here how i can disable the WebRTC in this beautiful browser? (In the future i want use this browser how my 1st browser, but without this possibility don't is easy to do this. ^_^) TYVM
  2. Hi all

    Hi all, im new. Ty all for this beautifull browser! I have WinXP on work and for to see in perfect mode some website (for work.. or i don't work.. i was disperate) now i need of use this beautifull Maxthon Browser!! Because only with this i can too see all the website for work in perfect mode! Yeah! (in advanced options Maxthon have also the options for change the header info without extensions!) very good work for this beautiful, faster and advanced (if u want) browser! ^:^ (negative, for now, is that i don't see how disable webrtc :P)