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  1. My maxthon 5 is not working after update

    Sorry for not being clear. I'm talking about my passport account id. As the domain has gone, i changed my passport account id from donegal to yahoo. But the history(my passwords, last visted pages, favourites) has not movied. I do have my password, but it won't allow me to login into my donegal account, it says account doesn't exist. And my yahoo account to which i changed my id is all empty. No history has moved. If you can let me know how to take back up of last visited pages and my passwords and reload them into my yahoo account even that will solve the purpose i guess. favourites - i think i can take a back up
  2. My maxthon 5 is not working after update

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I actually changed my user id from my donegal account to my yahoo account. Since then i'm unable to login using my donegal account, and my yahoo account don't have any history.
  3. My maxthon 5 is not working after update

    Thanks for the response. I could finally manage to install in safe mode. i booted my machine in safe mode and installed without any issues. But now comes the real issue. I used to have my maxthon cloud browser version 4 along side my maxthon 5. Now after i installed mx5 new version, even my 4 version is also opening 5. Now comes the real problem. My Mx 4 version has my old id tammasarath@donegal.net. i've been using that id since 2005. as the domain is closed down now, i changed my id to tammasarath@yahoo.com. Since i changed it, my old id stopped working and all the previous data did not transfer to my new id. I've lots of passwords associated with that account. lot of previously closed tabs and favourites. Now all of them are lost as i can't open my version 4 browser. Is there any way to get back all my old data associated with tammasarath@donegal.net moved to tammasarath@yahoo.com? Thanks, Sarath
  4. My maxthon 5 is not working after update

    Hi Thanks for the reply. I uninstalled mx5 and tried installing mx5.0.4.2000;mx5.0.4.3000;mx5.1.0.1400-beta. For any version i'm getting the 21 number and circling like that only. Somehow looks like there is compatibility issues with windows 10. When i open exe it's taking a lot of time to just open the executable file, once opened it's stuck at 21.
  5. Hi, My maxthon 5 asked for an update and i said yes, it downloaded and asked to close maxthon and reopen it. When i'm re-opening, it's just stuck with a blue screen and number 21 on it with rotating symbol. I left it for a long time and it is still at the same state. So i killed the process and tried to open maxthon 5, and it's showing a crash report instead of opening the browser. How many times i try to open it's just crashing. I downloaded the latest version and tried to re-install and the installation window is stuck again at 21 and rotating blue screen. Last night i left it like that and in the morning i checked, it's still showing the 21 and rotating blue screen only. Can you please help me on this? How to get my maxthon back without loosing my data? i'm not sure if i'm the only one getting this error or if anyone else is seeing this? attached the screenshot of the stuck screen and the crash error as well. Below is the error log {"deviceid":"799FEFEEB48D67F5DDFBF983A71486CC27740000","cv":"","l":"en-us","maxthoninfo":"","addonslist":"","systeminfo":"Physical%20memory%20total:%2012768796672%0D%0APhysical%20memory%20free:%208667521024%0D%0APage%20file%20total:%2014714953728%0D%0APage%20file%20free:%2010374627328%0D%0AVirtual%20memory%20total:%204294836224%0D%0AVirtual%20memory%20free:%204175552512%0D%0AProcess%20Memory%20Usage:%0D%0APeakWorkingSetSize:%2017035264%0D%0AWorkingSetSize:%2014491648%0D%0APagefileUsage:%203809280%0D%0A","commandinfo":"%22C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMaxthon.exe%22%20%20%20%20-RunResMgr%20%20-MainFrmIpc:%22IPC_M_R_00001608%22%20%20-UsersFolder:%22C:%5CUsers%5CSarath%5CAppData%5CRoaming%5CMaxthon5%5CUsers%5C%22%20%20-UserName:%22tammasarath@yahoo.com%22%20%20-AppDataPath:%22C:%5CUsers%5CSarath%5CAppData%5CRoaming%5CMaxthon5%5C%22%20%20-ProductType:%22intl%22%20%20-ReleaseVersion:%221%22%20%20-PortableVersion:%220%22%20%20-LangIni:%22C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CLocales%5Cen-us.lng%22%20%20\/prefetch:A9C14CE7","sv":"10.0.14393.","crashtime":1498119797,"m":"Maxthon","n":"MxResMgr.dll","stack":"1=0001:000EA57E%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMxResMgr.dll_5.2.8.184%0D%0A2=0001:000D8F71%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMxResMgr.dll_5.2.8.184%0D%0A3=0001:000D825B%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMxResMgr.dll_5.2.8.184%0D%0A4=0001:000D8D98%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMxResMgr.dll_5.2.8.184%0D%0A5=0001:0010D34B%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMxResMgr.dll_5.2.8.184%0D%0A6=0001:00004CFD%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMaxthon.exe_5.0.4.3000%0D%0A7=0001:0000443E%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMaxthon.exe_5.0.4.3000%0D%0A8=0001:0000221B%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMaxthon.exe_5.0.4.3000%0D%0A9=0001:00008D20%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMaxthon.exe_5.0.4.3000%0D%0A10=0001:000062C4%20C:%5CWINDOWS%5CSystem32%5CKERNEL32.DLL_10.0.14393.1198%0D%0A11=0001:0005FFD9%20C:%5CWINDOWS%5CSYSTEM32%5Cntdll.dll_10.0.14393.479%0D%0A12=0001:0005FFA4%20C:%5CWINDOWS%5CSYSTEM32%5Cntdll.dll_10.0.14393.479%0D%0A"}