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    Hi maxthon team, I've noticed that when I installed the ad blocker, one of the quick accesses disappears. You can try it, without initiating a passport session. Here the pic !
  2. Hi maxthon team, I want to create a bussines card on this website What can I do ? thanks in advance
  3. - unsupported browser

    great, thanks a lot !!
  4. Hello maxthon team, Today I realize that these features do not work well, it's stopping! Please fix that! , thank you !
  5. Its very weird, why do not display me those arrows ? Any help please !
  6. - unsupported browser

    Hi there, put this user agent string on the ""CUSTOMIZE USER AGENT STRING" "maxthon" , i GOT THE SAME RESULT ! Hi there, put this user agent string on the ""CUSTOMIZE USER AGENT STRING" "maxthon" , i GOT THE SAME RESULT !
  7. Lock maxhon !

    Hi maxthon team, Could you tell me please, how can I set a lock to maxthon browser ? For example, When I go to the bathroom ..... Thanks!
  8. Lock maxhon !

    Thank you ! , great !
  9. Quick Access

    Just do click on the folder ! When you in there, just change the name ! That's what you mean?
  10. Maxthon One IDEA

    Ok, I will !! You are absolutely right, while I did not enter, my questions were useless. I apologize Zork
  11. As well as passkeeper ( has its official website to start session, as well as the passport of maxthon ( So it would also be a good idea to have Mxnotes your website. Do you understand what I say? So I could enter my notes from a web page or from an android! For example this website do not update 2 years seems to be..
  12. Maxthon One IDEA

    Do You mean that I can access through my notes ?
  13. Looking for the Author of RoboForm Lite

    What is the Roboform for? To save passwords? and what happened with Passkeeper?
  14. What can I do? VPN

    You are right, sorry is my bad !
  15. Hi maxthon team. I am using windscribe, here display me a messages, so I dont know what can I do? do I put yes or not ?
  16. I cannot synchronize ....

    Hello, my notes and bookmarks have already been updated for 4 hours, thanks anyway maxthon team I was afraid with my data , regards.
  17. Hi maxthon team, I did a clean install now, and I have one hour, and I cannot sync my stuff. No notes, no bookmarks. May you help me please?
  18. Hi maxthon team, It would be very good to put, "a view " of how load each thing (notes, markers) understand what I say? Because I am lost on the browser, I dont know if are charging or not. Notes. now presents lyrics in china
  19. I cannot synchronize ....

    Hi, What you mean when you says PROPERLY? I just put my password, is that all? Any Idea?

    My issue was solved, thanks a lot !
  21. I maxthon team, I recommend, if someone can not receive the code to register a phone number, give us the other option by email (sending code) and not only by cell phone, as this does not work. I got this issue one month !
  22. hallelujah, I going to crying of happiness, I received the code
  23. You at least received the codes, In my case, still not ......
  24. There is no other way ? by email ?
  25. Why aske me to update the browser chrome? 

    I am using the last version of maxthon