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  1. Is this normal ? Password

    Gracias loco !!
  2. I ask this because in mx4 never happened this ! Any suggestion? I use official version
  3. Is this normal ? Password

    Okay, I understand what you're saying. That means that if I choose the auto-fill option, those fields are filled in full (all) not only User and Password , right ? Thanks for reply
  4. Is this normal ? Password

    mmm weird, then is this normal? ok ! thank for reply
  5. Invalid SSL for

    I had this problem many times I solved it not using , now I use "duck duck go" and it works better. No problem
  6. Is this normal ? Password

    I am just saving my password on Facebook !! Passkeeper fills me fields I do not need. Any suggestion for this issue please?
  7. I've been dealing with this problem for two weeks! No one gives me a solution. I'm already tired of this browser! Where are the Mx4 programmers? Video_8-23-2017_2-10-42_AM_-_Streamable.mp4
  8. I thank you for responding, but I feel insecure to sail like this! I use windows 10 system
  9. problema google

    I have reported this several times ! I got the same issue !
  10. The clock on my pc has the correct time. (maxthon team) They told me to take photos of the certifications, and they did not respond. Not only I have this problem, if not some more users! In the Spanish community there are also users with that problem. Well, I do not want to waste my time. Luck In spanish forum has the same issue !! Invalid certificate !! Is it my fault (computer clock) ??? sure?