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  1. Maxthon Team, 

    Do not you leave this great project, I love maxthon, mates !  I love theirs features, are fantastic.  I have supported you (mxteams) for some years.
    I like maxthon, I say it sincerely.
    Just be innovative, don't let maxthon die.
    Take surveys, my sincere wishes for Jeff.
    I go back and repeat it, maxthon has a lot of potential. 

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  2. On 8/13/2019 at 6:44 AM, pantantrollo said:

    Any roadmap to go to 5.3.9.xx (o with more modern blink core?




    We have been with the beta since February, with core 69.xx, and without being stable, it is already too old and surely full of security holes. 

    Of the stable version, almost better not to mention how old the core is



    You are brave to tell the truth.

  3. 1 hour ago, BugSir006 said:

    Hi there, I tried this issue in v5.2.7.5000 in Windows 10, but haven't reproduced. Could you let me know your browser version and system?

    Sure, I got the lastest version of maxthon (V5.2.7.5000).  And my system is Windows 10. 

  4. Hi, Maxthon Team, 

    I have realized, when I am log in ON maxthon passport. The mouse gesture doesnt work well. In this case is "PAGE DOWN" . Low between cuts ! 

    When I am out of Maxthon Passport, everything work well. This ussue alredy has 8 months ago. 




  5. 17 hours ago, A.S. said:

    Sum up:

    • RoboForm was developed by SiberSystem
    • RoboForm.mxaddon was upload to Extension Center by Roman Gravit
    • Roman Gravit used email, so he probably worked there (and his Facebook profile confirm this)
    • It means that RoboForm for Maxthon is probably official add-on
    • They both responded to messages: RoboForm - via Twitter, Roman - via Facebook.

    So they know about situation and probably they will connect with Maxthon Team.
    But maybe I could give them links to someone from Maxthon Team on Facebook or Twitter (Lizzie or Jeff)?

    By the way, the website works, but you shoud use instead of

    What is the Roboform for?
    To save passwords?
    and what happened with Passkeeper?