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  1. Hi Maxthon team, This latest version is absolutely lousy. 1) impossible to synchronize ( I got good connection on internet ) 2) "F5" does not work 3) "show bar" does not work 4) When I add an adblock being outside the passport, A quick access disappears. (I made a video about this before this version - ) Now it still persists. Conclusion ? I will return to the previous official version work much better! I'll wait for the other official version! Here the video !! (fixed link)
  2. Last version, it does not work

    Sorry, here, it is fixed, up.
  3. Hi maxthon, it does not work here either !
  4. MX5 Release - Sidebar

    I got the same issue !
  5. MX5 Release - Sidebar

    Hi Maxthon team, the show sidebar doesnt working well ! I want to remove it ! I cannot.
  6. Hi Maxthon team, I got some question, I saw on some browsers that implement security, Does Maxthon have them? for example * Block Scripts ? * Fingerprinting ? * Block phising ? *Tracking ?

    Hi maxthon team, I've noticed that when I installed the ad blocker, one of the quick accesses disappears. You can try it, without initiating a passport session. Here the pic !

    Bugsir006 here is the video !!
  9. Hi maxthon team, I want to create a bussines card on this website What can I do ? thanks in advance
  10. - unsupported browser

    great, thanks a lot !!
  11. Hello maxthon team, Today I realize that these features do not work well, it's stopping! Please fix that! , thank you !
  12. Its very weird, why do not display me those arrows ? Any help please !
  13. - unsupported browser

    Hi there, put this user agent string on the ""CUSTOMIZE USER AGENT STRING" "maxthon" , i GOT THE SAME RESULT ! Hi there, put this user agent string on the ""CUSTOMIZE USER AGENT STRING" "maxthon" , i GOT THE SAME RESULT !
  14. Lock maxhon !

    Hi maxthon team, Could you tell me please, how can I set a lock to maxthon browser ? For example, When I go to the bathroom ..... Thanks!
  15. Lock maxhon !

    Thank you ! , great !
  16. Quick Access

    Just do click on the folder ! When you in there, just change the name ! That's what you mean?
  17. Maxthon One IDEA

    Ok, I will !! You are absolutely right, while I did not enter, my questions were useless. I apologize Zork
  18. As well as passkeeper ( has its official website to start session, as well as the passport of maxthon ( So it would also be a good idea to have Mxnotes your website. Do you understand what I say? So I could enter my notes from a web page or from an android! For example this website do not update 2 years seems to be..
  19. Maxthon One IDEA

    Do You mean that I can access through my notes ?
  20. Looking for the Author of RoboForm Lite

    What is the Roboform for? To save passwords? and what happened with Passkeeper?
  21. Why aske me to update the browser chrome? 

    I am using the last version of maxthon 


  22. It's just pure marketing !!! They do not listen to us ! Before the virtual currency does not exist, imagine now with the virtual currency, it will be worse.