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  1. Gesture Mouse

    Thank you so much !!
  2. Gesture Mouse

    Hi maxthon team, Why is this happening to me? When I double click "on the tab", does the tab close immediately? I have not configured that.
  3. Gesture mouse is BAD !!

    woww, GOOD JOB, THANKS A LOT !
  4. Gesture mouse is BAD !!

    As which ???? Here the capture !!!
  5. Gesture mouse is BAD !!

    Are you sure? try this website ! here the video that I made !
  6. Gesture mouse is BAD !!

    Sure, I got the lastest version of maxthon (V5.2.7.5000). And my system is Windows 10.
  7. Why mathon communitive do not have the lock on http"S" ??? Some reason ?
  8. Hi, Maxthon Team, I have realized, when I am log in ON maxthon passport. The mouse gesture doesnt work well. In this case is "PAGE DOWN" . Low between cuts ! When I am out of Maxthon Passport, everything work well. This ussue alredy has 8 months ago.
  9. Improve !

    Hi maxthon team, Sincerely, I don't like how the secret notes look on "passkeeper", It should improve. Here an example.
  10. Hi Maxthon team, I always do a security test, but for my surprise , this message appears Maybe It will be my user agent string ? o what? Here the TEST Security link ! Here the picture ! ( its impossible to upload a picture here by default) ( I cannot upali
  11. Maxthon is sometimes a good browser, and other times it is a bad browser. I like Maxthon, but I am almost leaving the browser, because errors are always repeated.If it were not for Resources Sniffer and NOTES, and Ads. I would abandon this. Vivalde does not have these resources!I hope that Maxthon has conscience, although I doubt very much. Regards!
  12. Why does not maxthon implement "two-step verification"? If someone installs the browser on a new computer, it would be good to ask for the verification. Example below !
  13. Enseñame a manejar un proxy con maxthon !

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. IceHouse


      Me gustaria navegar en internet anonimamente, y tambien en facebook ! 

    3. Usted


      ¿No te sirve usar una vpn?

      Is not it good to use a vpn?

    4. IceHouse


      Yes, But I saw that you use proxy from maxthon settings!


  14. Updated User Agent

    When I make a query on "what is my user agent string" Some pages tell me what I'm using. "Maxthon browser"" or QupZilla 2.2 on Windows 10 Here are the pages of queries. Is it normal ?????
  15. More informative changelog

    TOTALLY AGREE !! SO ?????