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  1. Is this normal ? Password

    Okay, I understand what you're saying. That means that if I choose the auto-fill option, those fields are filled in full (all) not only User and Password , right ? Thanks for reply
  2. Is this normal ? Password

    mmm weird, then is this normal? ok ! thank for reply
  3. Invalid SSL for

    I had this problem many times I solved it not using , now I use "duck duck go" and it works better. No problem
  4. Is this normal ? Password

    I am just saving my password on Facebook !! Passkeeper fills me fields I do not need. Any suggestion for this issue please?
  5. I ask this because in mx4 never happened this ! Any suggestion? I use official version
  6. I thank you for responding, but I feel insecure to sail like this! I use windows 10 system
  7. problema google

    I have reported this several times ! I got the same issue !
  8. The clock on my pc has the correct time. (maxthon team) They told me to take photos of the certifications, and they did not respond. Not only I have this problem, if not some more users! In the Spanish community there are also users with that problem. Well, I do not want to waste my time. Luck In spanish forum has the same issue !! Invalid certificate !! Is it my fault (computer clock) ??? sure?
  9. I've been dealing with this problem for two weeks! No one gives me a solution. I'm already tired of this browser! Where are the Mx4 programmers? Video_8-23-2017_2-10-42_AM_-_Streamable.mp4