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  1. Hello maxthon team, I have a question, is it possible to create a notification when you send an email from "webtransfers" (website) or other website, and that I may receive a notification in my real email, "your email was read successfully"? It would be cool , right?
  2. Double click to close tab (mxone)

    Oh ok , when I done a note , I need to do a click on ''editing - sync ".... right? I will do that , thanks Sergey
  3. Double click to close tab (mxone)

    Hi Sergey I invite you to sign your passport , and use the maxthon notes (enter information) and sync and you realize that for get out you need to do double click on the X and not one time ! Before I just did one click that's it !
  4. Hi Maxthon team, Anyone have this skin? I am looking because when I use the default skin with private session, this make me confused, I don't know what windows are in private or not ! I prefert with as the pic
  5. Hi maxthon team, I have had several time this issue. When I use Maxone and I want to close this, I need to do 2 times click on X 9 (WEIRD), Does anyone else have the same issue ?
  6. The desktop icon is abnormal

    Put pictures so we can see all
  7. Error 9

    I had the same problem, It seems that it does not save the password in the cloud. I had the same error 9. Request a new one. This error is repeated approximately every two weeks.
  8. I warn you that maxthon "Does not save passwords in the cloud" (passport) is the second time that I have changed, since it does not remember, are warned maxthon team ! Fix this error(error9).
  9. Why aske me to update the browser chrome? 

    I am using the last version of maxthon 


  10. It's just pure marketing !!! They do not listen to us ! Before the virtual currency does not exist, imagine now with the virtual currency, it will be worse.