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  1. Hi Maxthon Team, It's my first time that display me this facebook on another language, when I use VPN, not happening me before.
  2. New version of maxthon ??

    Maxthon Team, Do not you leave this great project, I love maxthon, mates ! I love theirs features, are fantastic. I have supported you (mxteams) for some years. I like maxthon, I say it sincerely. Just be innovative, don't let maxthon die. Take surveys, my sincere wishes for Jeff. I go back and repeat it, maxthon has a lot of potential.
  3. New version of maxthon ??

    You are brave to tell the truth.
  4. Gesture Mouse

    Thank you so much !!
  5. Gesture Mouse

    Hi maxthon team, Why is this happening to me? When I double click "on the tab", does the tab close immediately? I have not configured that.
  6. Gesture mouse is BAD !!

    woww, GOOD JOB, THANKS A LOT !
  7. Gesture mouse is BAD !!

    As which ???? Here the capture !!!
  8. Gesture mouse is BAD !!

    Are you sure? try this website ! here the video that I made !
  9. Gesture mouse is BAD !!

    Sure, I got the lastest version of maxthon (V5.2.7.5000). And my system is Windows 10.
  10. Why mathon communitive do not have the lock on http"S" ??? Some reason ?
  11. Hi, Maxthon Team, I have realized, when I am log in ON maxthon passport. The mouse gesture doesnt work well. In this case is "PAGE DOWN" . Low between cuts ! When I am out of Maxthon Passport, everything work well. This ussue alredy has 8 months ago.
  12. Enseñame a manejar un proxy con maxthon !

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. IceHouse


      Me gustaria navegar en internet anonimamente, y tambien en facebook ! 

    3. Usted


      ¿No te sirve usar una vpn?

      Is not it good to use a vpn?

    4. IceHouse


      Yes, But I saw that you use proxy from maxthon settings!


  13. Updated User Agent

    When I make a query on "what is my user agent string" Some pages tell me what I'm using. "Maxthon browser"" or QupZilla 2.2 on Windows 10 Here are the pages of queries. Is it normal ?????
  14. Hi brother,
    I have read all your lines about the security of maxthon. And I would like you to recommend me which version of maxthon is similar, with the same features even "resource sniffer"   In your experience, please!




    1. pantantrollo



      (first of all, I'm not an expert on anything, just a normal user :))

      Well I would not know what is the most recommended version in terms of security, basically because Maxthon is a little used browser and therefore little audited by the real experts (not so with opera and vivaldi that is their communities of people there are more movement)

      To be honest, !! We are sold !! :), that's why you would almost like to use one version than another. I usually use the last stable of the series 5.

      But the versions that I liked the most, are the last stable of the series 4. 4.4.x and 4.9.x. They seemed lighter, more configurable. But of course, now they have very old nuclei (although the 5.2.x series, it has a 61.x blink core and it is sure that it has enough security holes at the moment.

      In the end, without knowing code or deep security issues, everything falls on the implementation that is made in the browsers of the core blink (chromiun) is as current as possible (vivaldi, opera, MSEdge etc), if not, is to be played as with any outdated software.

      sorry for me English (googletized)


  15. BugSir006 , hi , Dont forget my resquest.

    Its about tabs. "ask me "igf you want to close" just one tab.

    please, dont forget !

    1. BugSir006


      Recorded. :wink: