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  1. 为什么停止硝基开发? 我本人疯狂的喜欢硝基 从硝基第一版对外发布开始一直追随到现在,依然没有忘记这个产品。 1.强烈建议硝基以极简,高速,低功耗为战略目标与现有MX5互补 2.请硝支持crx扩展。 3.建议硝基默认只支持遨游账户同步,过滤,智能填表,笔记等主要功能。其他交给插件管理 4.如果你们不开发可否开源出来让爱好者完善。 #Translate English online Why stop nitro development? I am crazy like nitro From the first edition of nitro released from the beginning has been followed to now, still did not forget this product. 1. It is strongly recommended that nitro is complementary to existing MX5 with minimal, high speed and low power consumption 2. Please support the crx extension. 3. Suggested that the nitro default only support travel account synchronization, filtering, intelligent fill in the form, notes and other major functions. The other to the plug-in management 4. If you do not develop the source can open up so that enthusiasts perfect.