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  1. I would like thank you in advance, I usually ctrl+c links and add them at IDM queue to automatic download so I can watch and download at same time
  2. very close,almost,but instead of opening the link in a new tab,just ctrl+C them
  3. Hello guys, i tried the scearch function but i didnt found anything related to what i want know,so here we go: i would like to know if maxthon have any build-in or extension that let me copy a lot of link in just one go. exemple: i want download Serie A,but serie A have X numbers of episodes,and i would like use my internet download manager to download it in auto. but all episodes link url arent explicit they were all in "episode 1" name that when u click you will be open a tab with the link, so like i said in the start of topic,i like to know if i can filter just the actual links in a page to copy them in one go i know that FF or chrome have this kind of extension,but i like more maxthon,and opening another browser just 'cause one extesion is bothersome.
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