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  1. Hi everyone. My name is 金傣越, you can call me Kam. I am an interpreter, translator (Thai, Vietnamese, English). I graduated on multimedia field about sound engineer n' movie effects. I am also a IT geek, Tai Kao (白傣族) culture helper. I have been using maxthon for over a year. First at all, I had tried Maxthon 4, then I fell in love with it. And now I'm using Maxthon 5. My work must stick with workstation, but when going out to work and discuss, I need to work on-the-go with my smartphone, I just found out Maxthon 5 works smoothly on my old device with low memory of ram. And of course, synchronizing bookmarks function is important to me, I just open the browser on my android phone and continue what I need to do. These points make me stick with Maxthon till now. Thank you for reading my boring story.