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  1. please, please, please, please, add custom icons/pictures for links in QA. at moment QA makes no sense with "screenshot" or "color block" and grayed out "hot" settings. 1st row: 3 different links starting with same letter.
  2. And where is the problem to add custom icons instead "hot" icons?
  3. not shown but i can click. no. adding new link works - but only "old" links from previous versions dont show - but not all. edit: only links with "hot" icons dont work. when i change to "screenshot" icon will be changed - but i can not change back to "hot" icon because greyed out.
  4. other problem with QA - latest version. QA dont show me some pictures. neither "hot" nor "screenshot" picture are shown. sometimes when i click "edit" maxthon dont open properties from link and goes back to QA.