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  1. skin or black view for mx5 - android ?

    I got it. Thank you.
  2. hi to all. i dont know - possible asked before. can i install skins for mx5 - android. or change to black view? i realy dont like white view.
  3. Is there any way change / edit Maxthon Multi Search? most engines search in englisch language - but i need german results in google, amazon ...
  4. today i noticed uumail dont forwarding mails to my real email adress. uumail show me forwarding 3 mails today - but i never got this mail. i also tested sending mails with other account to my uumail - uumail forwarded this mail - but never received this mail in my real account. (spam folder is empty)
  5. Salute

    Hi all. I use Maxthon since many years. Best browser.