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  1. Sync MX Android & PC QA

    Thats the problem. MX Android synch my maxnote/passkeeper - but dont sync QA from pc to android version.
  2. Is it possible to set/have same links in QA on android as QA from pc with same account?
  3. Custom Multi Search Settings & Maxnote & QA

    I think MX5 had enough time. (installed 07/31/2017)
  4. Custom Multi Search Settings & Maxnote & QA

    i made an update (clean install) with latest beta. QA refresh most links contious since update and dont show me the screenshot from internetsite.
  5. Custom Multi Search Settings & Maxnote & QA

    Multi Search: yes i can add ever searches as i want, but... I dont know the string (syntax) for search engines. where can i found these infos?? following examples (maxthon settings) are completely different: http://www.google.at/search?client=aff-cs-maxthon&channel=channel1&q=%us http://www.amazon.de/gp/search?ie=UTF8&keywords=%us Maxnote: please add function for drag & drop in maxnote. in favourites drag & drop works, but in maxnote i can only move links up and down (sort in same folder). QA: please add custom pics for QA links. (my biggest wish)
  6. why can i only edit custom entries in multi search? please make able to edit all search engines. I will change your search engines from english (.com) to german (.de or .at).
  7. [] default browser

    and ALL steam-game shortcuts on desctop are changed to Maxthon Url File (.url)