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  1. Goodbye Maxthon

    Same here. Im useing Maxthon since first version 4.0. But with version 5 i have no patience anymore. I`m waiting since months for custom pictures in QA. currend QA isnt useable. Firefox + FVD plugin is a perfect alternate.
  2. i never had problems with maxthon 5-6 months ago. last 3 versions from maxthon are not usable. ...and yes i always make a clean install (deinstalling maxthon & user files). last version also freeze on clean installed windows.
  3. my patience with Maxthon5 is ending! ! ! 4 official versions since last 10 days and no version is working. V5.2.1.4000 always freeze when i start maxthon again. only after new install maxthon5 works till next close & open. (Win10 64-bit on Desktop PC & MS Surface Tablet) im finished with maxthon! ! !
  4. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    Fonts are too dark with black theme or black background. Maxthon dont show avatar on QA.