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  1. Hello guys! I am used to click at the very top of the screen to switch my tabs because it is much more convenient for me as to click somewhere else on the tab. This works perfectly fine as long as I got MX5 maximised. If I snap MX5 to one side or one corner of the desktop this wont work anymore. If I then click at the top of the screen above the tab I cannot switch the tab. This is also very frustrating if I am double-clicking the tab to close it as this will minimise MX5 if it is not in fullscreen. I am using MX5 on Windows 10. I hope this was understandable and will get fixed in an upcoming update. If it was not that clear an could try to visualize the problem, just ask me to do it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Changing to MX5

    Installed MX5 and finally Outlook works again, and so do the other websites that won't work before. I think I dont need Iron anymore now.^^ Almost everything works except that Maxnote did not import every note from SkyNote, some were lost. But I saved the important ones anyways. Thanks for your help!
  3. Changing to MX5

    Hello guys! I have been using Maxthon now since its release and now finally I am ready and willing to upgrade to MX5 as I am starting to run into more and more problems with the old MX4 version. However before I upgrade I would like to have some questions cleared and I would really appreciate if you could help me doing so. Can I use MX4 and MX5 side by side and if yes how? As I am reliant on my browser and the stuff that comes with it I have to know that everything works. So if anything would not work properly in MX5, having my working MX4 only one klick away would be really good. Will my shortcuts get taken over to MX5? This is my most important questions. I have somewhere around 400-500 shortcuts and although I do not need the most of them, keeping them is really important for me. What about SkyNote? Will my SkyNote notes be taken over? Is there a SkyNote in MX5 at all? What about my online-time status? Is this feature still present in MX5 and will it take over my status just as with the MX3-MX4 transition? Just curious, I do not like to lose my level 70.^^ I think these are all my questions. If more come to my mind, I will tell you! I would really appreciate if you could answer my questions. If all of these questions have been answered already in this forum I apologize for not looking it up correctly as I have a hard time searching for the right results here. Thanks in advance.