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  1. Thanks guys, Google searches are now working fine in Win7 (& XP) without changing anything. It was in 'standard' mode (I hadn't changed anything after installing Maxthon), so not sure what 'Retro mode without standard rendering enabled' means, or even know how to change to this mode. XP is using IE proxy. Already tried clearing browser history & cache - see my initial post. Done from 'hamburger' menu > Clear browsing data. Also manually (& forcefully using Unlocker) deleted all files in the Cache folder (path in my system: D:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\Maxthon3Cache\Temp\Webkit\Cache). Also, done in IE (what you meant, right?), & I can also confirm IE browsing history settings are not set to 'Never'. The problems only started happening a few days before my initial post - I hadn't updated Maxthon or changed any browser settings whatsoever in Maxthon or IE - so a mystery to me & you'll!
  2. I can confirm none of the issues happen in Windows 7 (64-bit). Although, this is (which I've not seen before) - overlapping text in a Google search:
  3. Thanks 7twenty, will wait it out then. About clearing cache, already tried - quoted from my initial post:
  4. Thanks guys, using M'Portable, I find that the "Invalid Certificate" error is happening with (HUKD) (i.e. not on Google). As it says on their site (click on 'Show footer' near bottom right, which appears as you scroll down past page 1), they are 'Part of Pepper', which may be causing Maxthon to be confused? Also, this HUKD site is not loading completely with M'Portable either (not using a passport at all). Yes, I have one: Adblock Plus, but even if I disable it (in M'Portable too), I still get the same incomplete loading with HUKD. Sorry, I should've said the blank tabs (white pages only) appear when opening Maxthon afresh (but not always). The previously locked tabs (around 20) have their original URLs intact, & refreshing them makes no difference either - still white pages only. On the other hand, 'duplicating' (right-click > Duplicate tab) each locked blank tab one at a time, opens them normally in a new tab to the URL they were originally saved. Or, I have to close & re-open Maxthon a few times before the previously locked tabs load normally.
  5. Maxthon version: & over, up to WinXP Pro 64-bit up-to-date (as much as it can possibly be). Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 -------------- These issues - please view enclosed screenshots - have been occurring over the last few days, after months of trouble-free service: The Gmail issue was sorted after one update, but the other 2 remain. I don't know which site has an "Invalid Certificate" as the error doesn't say (at least 10 different websites opened). The site that's not loading properly in the 3rd pic is: I've tried the usual of clearing browser data & updating Flash Player to no avail. Another issue (that I've always had) is that it loads blank tabs at random - I've locked around 20 tabs so they re-open each time I launch Maxthon. By the way, none of these issues occur in Chrome, Firefox or Opera (don't use IE any more except to check for Windows updates). -------------- --------------