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  1. Play video - in Maxthon

    Ahoy there - brigantes ! I`m - new one here, so - don`t hit me so much. Using `Maxthon - v4.4.5.3000`. Everything was fine, but.. only before I install onto my laptop (just old one - Asus N73Sv) one media player : `VLC media player - v2.2.4` After installing that player - all the time, if the page in browser contain the built-in video I can`t re-play that one video here ! Just take a look : ..I press `triangle`, and.. (link for image: I want to watch video here) - ..NOTHING ! (link for image: I`ve got - NOTHING ! ..but - VLC logo !) But, in other one browser (for example: in Chrome, by Google) - I have no that one issue ! Take a look - I have the page : (link for image: Want to see video - in Chrome) `triangle`.. (link for image: Enjoining of watching video - in Chrome) ,,and watching that one damn`d video ! Why so ? What`s going on ? What I must to do & who`s must be killed - at 1st ? Lippy one media player, Google, Asus N73Sv, Maxthon ? ..or - all together ! .. in the same one time ! Please, someone who know - what`s the problem here : let me know - what I must to do. Or - explain, please : what I do wrong. Thank`s - for any assist.. Bye-hallo then.. See ya..