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  1. Cannot play Netflix

    Lol, you are a real otaku, aren't you? Same here. One of my pet peeves about anime on Netflix is most of them do not have Japanese subs. I don't like watching anime with English subs on. Japanese subs always supplement the audio for me. Why can't every Japanese show be like Terrace House, with Japanese subs, Japanese commentaries, and everything?
  2. Cannot play Netflix

    I hope it will come to the U.S. soon... I wonder if VPN to Mexico would allow me to see it.
  3. Cannot play Netflix

    "Your Name" is on Netflix??? How come I can't find it on my Netflix? Country restriction?
  4. Cannot play Netflix

    There's only one developer behind the entire project?
  5. Cannot play Netflix

    In my case, the audio doesn't even play. Just loading and loading.
  6. Last Session disappears

    This just happened again, on the newest beta version. Where can I find the disappeared last opened sites?
  7. ghost tabs

    Confirmed on my end.
  8. I have found this a major bummer for me. There are two issues. Sometimes, when my computer reboots or crashes, or Maxthon crashes without me knowing, Maxthon fails to log the opened webpages, and the next time I open Maxthon, there is no trace of the opened session before the reboot. Another problem which just happened is I closed Maxthon, rebooted the system, and when I opened Maxthon again, Last Session has been moved to Earlier Session, and links that were in Earlier Session have disappeared. Is there a way I can retrieve them?
  9. Suggestion - avatar on main UI

    I like what it looks like now. Clean and efficient. More tab space.
  10. New UI design in

    What do you mean by "grab window in tabs area"? Are you talking about drag and drop? If so, this function was put in there dozens of updates ago.
  11. - address bar

    I actually like it this way. Searching in address bar is always a pet peeve of mine. I want my search to open a new tab, but searching in the address bar means to replace the page with a search page, by definition
  12. Cannot play Netflix

    I have had the same issue. Easy solution for me: designate Chrome for Netflix
  13. Just encountered the same error, after leaving Maxthon open for 5 days. I did as you suggested, and started with a clean slate.
  14. I have encountered this with many Maxthon versions, all the way up to the newest. After keeping a Maxthon window with a ton of tabs (yeah I always have a gazillion tabs open) open for an extended period of time, normally a few days, Maxthon just stopped working (but not crashing). I get an error message and a blank page when I type something in the address bar and hit enter. Then I find myself stuck.