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  1. QR code

    Disappointed to report that it's still the same situation in V
  2. I had the same issue. Now with newer versions, I get notifications for updates, which I think is not as useful as Chrome's auto-update. I wish Maxthon could adopt Chrome's auto update function.
  3. QR code

    I am on V The weird thing is, this morning I tried to share several links with people, and only the first QR code I scanned gave me an unspoiled direct url. The rest were all problematic.
  4. QR code

    I was really glad to see that in recent versions, the embedded QR code function from Maxthon 4 is back. Although several Maxthon extensions also offer the same function, they all have certain defects. The embedded QR generator is certainly more preferable. However, it seems when I scan the QR code generated by Maxthon with my phone, most of the time, I get a url link, and the link title usually says, "Maxthon browser download". Guys, this ain't cool!! When I share this url with friends, they wouldn't open it, because it looks like a link to a file, and they worry it might be an ad or even virus. Also, sometimes, the url redirects, and does not give me the original page I am sharing. Very occasionally though, I do get a direct link to the web page I want to share. But most of the time, Maxthon reroutes/repackages the original url to a link. I hope this will get fixed in later versions.
  5. The problem's resurfaced. I am inclined to say it is a bug.
  6. It came back! It just came back without me doing anything, toggling any switches, or checking any options. I didn't even close and re-open the browser.
  7. The function seems gone. No urls or search keywords are suggested any more. No drop-down list.
  8. Session management problem

    This does not sound like a bright idea. I am glad I always keep no more than one window open.