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  1. I used to be able to delete specific entries or dates in history, but I just found out I can't do it any more by hitting the "X" next to an entry or a date. When I click on that cross symbol, the targeted entry or date goes away, but when I refresh, it comes back again. V and V
  2. V fails to start after installation. I tried several things including killing all Maxthon processes, but none worked. I had to install V to start up the browser. It was close to giving me a panic. Why were two different versions released on the same day, anyhow? Also why are two lines of different versions being developed at the same time (V5.1 and V5.2)?
  3. I just had an unexpected system crash, and also going down with is was Maxthon with about 50 open tabs. After the system reboot, I was relieved to see all my windows in the "Last Session" window. But... when I clicked on "Open All," only four windows were restored, and the rest just disappeared into thin air... When I tried to go back to the "Last Session" page, everything has been cleared. Now I have to dig into the past two week's history for those 50 tabs... Why... Why...
  4. A lot people are here to help. No need to get so worked up.
  5. Yeah I had that issue several days ago. Now it seems working fine.
  6. Cannot play Netflix

    Well, if only Maxthon had a proxy plugin/addon that worked better than those on Chrome... Wishful thinking/future possibility
  7. Cannot play Netflix

    @EddyFicio I used a Chrome extension to VPN to Mexico, and finally the title "Your Name" appears on Netflix So pumped!!! However... Can't play...
  8. Cannot play Netflix

    Lol, you are a real otaku, aren't you? Same here. One of my pet peeves about anime on Netflix is most of them do not have Japanese subs. I don't like watching anime with English subs on. Japanese subs always supplement the audio for me. Why can't every Japanese show be like Terrace House, with Japanese subs, Japanese commentaries, and everything?
  9. Cannot play Netflix

    I hope it will come to the U.S. soon... I wonder if VPN to Mexico would allow me to see it.
  10. Cannot play Netflix

    "Your Name" is on Netflix??? How come I can't find it on my Netflix? Country restriction?
  11. Cannot play Netflix

    There's only one developer behind the entire project?
  12. Cannot play Netflix

    In my case, the audio doesn't even play. Just loading and loading.
  13. Cannot play Netflix

    I have had the same issue. Easy solution for me: designate Chrome for Netflix