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  1. This seems to be another issue with switching tabs in the latest beta version. I have not experienced this problem with previous versions. When I switch between tabs, the cursor jumps around, occasionally causing the tab I select to jump to a different position--e.g. switch places with the tab on its left side. Sometimes this leads to the tab being dragged out as a new window. It does not occur every time, but frequently enough to be noticeable.
  2. Session management problem

    This does not sound like a bright idea. I am glad I always keep no more than one window open.
  3. Suppose I got a U2715H and a 34UC79G, and suppose I am writing an email while looking at a source page; I drag out the source page from the Maxthon window which is on my U2715H, and toss it onto the 34UC79G. I finish the email, hit the send button, and now what? I'd still like to keep the source page open. I'd hate for it to be left alone in the dark, across the great schism between screens. I can drag it back to U2715H, but it'd still be out of its original circle. All of this, of course, is hypothetical, but highly probable and realistic. That said, I agree with you it's better than nothing. I didn't start this thread for my benefit. I am actually a one-window, multi-browser guy.
  4. That is the thing though. You have to get a new tab, drag the original tab back, and then kill the new one-tab window.
  5. Nice new feature. However, the newly formed stand-alone tab can't be dragged back to the old window. I think this omission makes the drag and drop function still not quite Chrome-y.