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  1. I have never had this issue. But I have encountered problems with the last session page and history. I am gravitating towards Chrome now because of the persistence of those issues.
  2. Seems this issue has yet to be fixed on the latest V I am using a 4k screen on a 13' laptop. Windows 10 scales the layout to 200% by default, making everything look great. Well... almost everything. Most functions and buttons are scaled on Maxthon, but I have found out that the Snap tool's icons don't scale. They look tiny on my screen and I have to stick my nose almost to the screen to read them. See the attachment Buttons not scaling was an issue not uncommon back in the day when 4K screens were catching on, but now most programs have fixed their issues and improved their compatibility with 4k screens and Windows scaling function. I hope Maxthon will fix this issue soon too.
  3. Just updated to the latest V Evernote is showing "Browser not supported" I have been using Evernote on Maxthon for a long time. Looks like they have just revamped their layout. I am, however, able to use their older version. Please see the attachment