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  1. Maxthon 5 - not that bad

    Just wanted to say that Maxthon should not make the same error like Mozilla and Opera, they used the opportunity to create a simple users only compatible browser suddenly. The thing is minimalism and simplicity can co-exist with a more complex feature set. Above mentioned companies have forgotten this. I just wanted to put my hope into words that Maxthon is not making the same mistake That should make my answer a bit more clear
  2. Maxthon 5 - not that bad

    Nice to see the new UI coloring option. But it would really be great if even without a number of high user votes Maxthon team would add special features. Both simple and power users should have options in the same product. There have for sure been tons of suggestions from advanced users and it REALLY would be nice if team Maxthon would add some of them for doing also more demanding users a favor
  3. So far i like that new version. Good to be able to pick another UI color now, would be nice if you insert more features for more demanding users.
  4. Maxthon 5 - not that bad

    It was. in the Maxthon 4 skinning options. You have been able to change position of the tab bar if i remember correctly. So i hope this is planned to be recreated. I like that the browser has a different options setup like Chrome and is not mainly created for most simple users. It is really refreshing to see that Maxthon decided to keep a real status bar. What i would like to see are more features for advanced users, mainly some configuration options for the UI, or being able to deactivate hardware acceleration.
  5. slowdown

    Slow downs i do experience if i add more than one adblock subscription, one alone makes all run rather fast, but 2 create incredible hangs during browser startup and tab loading process. So, this seems to be a big issue and should be fixed.
  6. MX5-Quick Access V1.6 is online

    It is ok so far. Nothing special and nothing too exciting, but it does it's job.
  7. MX5 Beta Release

    Decided to install Maxthon again today for using it as backup/secondary browser. So far Maxthon 5 works more or less acceptable. Only problem with that version seems to be that when i have more tabs open than it is possible to have visible in the tab bar at once - that always one tab "gets lost" of the additional ones which are being hidden/minimized at the very right of the tab bar under that small number of not shown tabs. When i restart the browser that "missing" tab is also being restored when i restore the previous session. So, that tab counter to the right of the not shown tabs seems to count not correctly, so that one tab always can't be activated from the ones which are minimized/hidden. Another point which is bad in my opinion is that Maxthon notes feels rather clunky and that it is no longer possible to move the tab bar below the address bar - which i hate personally the most.
  8. Have decided to try out Maxthon again, so far Maxthon 5 works nice as backup browser. Perhaps i keep it. Lets see! Anyway, not that bad as browser. Would be nice to be able to put tabs under the url bar again like it was possible with Maxthon 4. Thanks!