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  1. Maxthon 5 is Totally Messed Up!

    Yes, yes... But it didn't help. I had to close all the open tabs I had with youtube. Then yes, it finally accepeted my login. Before that, I would click the "Sign In" link on the upper right corner of the youtube page, and it would just return to the same page. It's like because I had an older active tab logged in to a different youtube account, it didn't let me change the login in the newer tab.
  2. I don't know what the developers are doing to MAxthon 5 but it's simply getting worse on every update... To the point of being unusable! To begin with this was always a nightmare to have Facebook video calls to work. Now whenever I'm typing a reply on a Private Message on Facebook, the Messenger window simply disappears and I have to refresh the browser window for it to reappear. Another new problem is youtube login. Now I am unable to login using Maxthon. Youtube site is not recognizing my login when I do it through Maxthon. This started since the last update although I never had problems before. I logged out and when I tried to login it simply loops back to the page I was in and won't bring me to the youtube login page. Either that or youtube opens a page that says "Ooops, there was a problem with your login" and I never get to be able to log back in. However if I try in Chrome it works seamlessly so, it's not a problem with my youtube account... It's some cookies issue with Maxthon, I suppose. I also have loop back problems at my checkout page at, which seems to indicate cookies issues. It's my impression Maxthon keeps trying to fix what it's not broken... Ending up breaking it for real.