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  1. For f*ck sake can we get this thing fixed already? What is it with this intrusive pop-up, trying to push us to make Browser default. what in hell's name does having Maxthon as default browser have to do with security, you liars? For more than a year this same topic has been brought forward to the forums and was never properly addressed. It ended up unresolved as most things in Maxthon. We all know browser make money by being the default browser so, no surprises here. Maxthon doesn't give a damn about its users so I will exert my option of stopping to be a user. In fact it's not without a reason that I searched for this topic... I stopped using Maxthon long ago because all of these ridiculous coercive abusive traits. I just haven't yet uninstalled it because sometimes I can still use the "rag and open in new window" functionality. And because I haven't uninstalled it I keep getting this intrusive pop-up! I have unchecked all there is to uncheck in the General and Advanced settings, that could relate to this. But to no avail because this has been abusively setup by Maxthon to circumvent all removal attempts. Just who do the hell do these Maxthon people think they are to try and take hold of people's computers in a "let's make this so that they can do nothing about it on their own computers" kind of attitude? I suggest everyone to simply move to Vivaldi as I did. Maxthon is losing all its advantages. First it killed the skins and themes. Then most plugins stopped working in version 3... And worst of all, it doesn't catch up with web standards development and some websites don't work properly.